Jenny’s Everyday Bread from An Echo in the Bone

Jenny’s Everyday Bread from An Echo in the Bone

SHE WAS SMALLER than I had remembered, and thinner, her hair with a little more gray in it though still darkly vibrant — but the deep-blue-cat-eyes were just the same, as was the natural air of command she shared with her brother.

“Leave the horses,” she said briskly, wiping her eyes on the corner of her apron. “I’ll have one o’ the lads take care of them. Ye’ll be frozen and starving — take off your things and come into the parlor.” She glanced at me, with a brief look of curiosity and something else I couldn’t interpret — but didn’t met my eyes directly or say more than “Come,” as she led the way to the parlor.

The house smelled familiar but strange, steeped in peat smoke and the scent of cooking; someone had just baked bread, and the yeasty smell floated down the hall from the kitchen. The hall itself was nearly as cold as the outdoors; all the rooms had their doors closed tight to keep in the heat from their fires, and a welcome wave of warmth eddied out when she opened the door to the parlor, turning to pull Ian in first.

Diana Gabaldon, An Echo in the Bone, Chapter 76

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Poll: Which Outlander Dish Will You Refuse to Eat?

Here’s the situation:

You are at the hands of Black Jack Randall.  He has agreed to release you, but first you must consume a selection of some of the more challenging foods from the Outlander series.  Because he is a gentleman (whatever), he only demands that you eat 3 out of the 4 foods listed below.

So, the question in this game of 18th Century Fear Factor is, which of the foods listed below do you think is MORE disgusting than the others?

Which Outlander dish will you refuse to eat?

Results will be up on Thursday, Dec 1.

(If you think I’ve missed the most disgusting dish of all, let me know in the comments…)

Jocasta’s “Auld Country” Scottish Bannock from Drums of Autumn

Jocasta’s “Auld Country” Scottish Bannock from Drums of Autumn

“I don’t quite understand, ” Brianna said.  “Did Mr. Berowne not want to admit that a woman hit him?”

“Ah, no,” Jamie said, pouring another cup of ale and handing it to her.  “It was only Sergeant Murchison making a nuisance of himself.”

“Sergeant Murchison?  That would be the army officer who was at the trial?” she asked.  She took a small sip of the ale, for politeness’ sake.  “The one who looks like a half-roasted pig?”

Her father grinned at this characterization.

“Aye that’ll be the man.  He’s a mislike of me,” he explained.  “This wilna be the first time — or the last — that he’s tried such a trick to cripple me.”

“He could not hope to succeed with such a ridiculous charge,” Jocasta chimed in, leaning forward and reaching out a hand.  Ulysses, standing by, moved the plate of bannocks the necessary inch.  She took one, unerringly, and turned her disconcerting blind eyes toward Jamie.

Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn, Chap 41

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Smoked Eggs at the McGillivray’s from A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Smoked Eggs at the McGillivray’s from A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Roger glanced from the darkened shop to the convivial crowd round the fire; a good many of Ute’s relations had ridden over with the lucky bridegroom and his friends from Salem, bringing with them an immense barrel of black beer, which was adding to the festivities.  The air was yeasty with the tang of hops.

By contrast, the cooper’s shop had a desolate, glowering sort of air about it.  She wondered whether anyone around the fire had yet missed Ronnie Sinclair.

“I’ll go and have a bit of a blether with him, aye?”  Roger touched her back in brief affection.  “He could maybe use a sympathetic ear.”

“That and a stiff drink?”  She nodded toward the house, where Robin McGillivray was visible through the open door, pouring what she assumed to be whisky for a select circle of friends.

“I imagine he will have manage that for himself,” Roger replied dryly.  He left her, making his way around the convivial group by the fire.  He disappeared in the dark, but then she saw the door of the cooper’s shop open, and Roger silhouetted briefly against the glow from within, his tall form blocking the light before vanishing inside.

“Wanna drink, Mama!”  Jemmy was wriggling like a tadpole, trying to get down.  She set him on the ground, and he was off like a shot, nearly upsetting a stout lady with a platter of corn fritters.

The aroma of the steaming fritters reminded her that she hadn’t had any supper, and she made her way after Jemmy to the table of food, where Lizzie, in her role as almost-daughter-of-the-house, helped her importantly to sauerkraut, sausages, smoked eggs, and something involving corn and squash.

Diana Gabaldon, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Chap 6 (Doubleday Canada, 2005)

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Poll Results: Your Favourite Outlander Food Scene

The results are in…there were 104 votes, and a winner was clearly chosen:

  1. 31 votes – Murphy’s Turtle Soup – (Chap 56) Voyager
  2. 20 votes – Cock-a-Leekie Soup & Roasted Potatoes – (Chap 32) Dragonfly in Amber
  3. 19 votes – Mrs. Bug’s Maple Pudding – (Chap 64) A Breath of Snow & Ashes
  4. 16 votes – Brianna’s Bridies – (Chap 35) Drums of Autumn
  5. 12 votes – Battle BBQ – Rosamund Lindsay vs Ronnie Sinclair – (Chap 13) The Fiery Cross
  6.   5 votes – Other

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