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Captain Alessandro’s Mango Rum Shots

Captain Alessandro’s Mango Rum Shots

Beyond the Books, Voyager

Silence, mes amis,” said the big man, in a voice of pleasant command.  “Silence, et restez, s’il vous plaît.” Silence my friends, and do not move, if you please.

I would have fallen, were I not already on my knees.  I closed my eyes in a wordless prayer of thanksgiving.

Next to me, Marsalit gasped.  I opened my eyes and clapped a hand over her open mouth.

The commander took off his hat, and shook out a thick mass of sweat-soaked auburn hair.  He grinned at Fergus, teeth white and wolfish in a  short, curly red beard.

Diana Gabaldon, Voyager (Chapter 52 – A Wedding Takes Place)

There’s a good chance it’s even hotter where you are than it is here on my little island in the Pacific Northwest.  After a perfectly dismal start to the summer, the sun and big temperatures finally arrived at the beginning of August, which means that, just over 2 weeks in, some of us have started to absently wish for just a quick rain shower to wash some of the haze and heat, and to give the garden a little relief.


Speaking of relief, Koda and I have been finding a lot of it at the beach just down the road.  We arrived the other day to find a super low tide!

Not exactly white sand, but it’s full of creatures and smells to keep “The Dooze” busy, while I gathered sand and shells…


This photo gives you an idea of how some of OK’s “photo shoots” come to life.  This is what I call a stage photo; one I use to get the camera angle and light right before I bring out the real food.


Which brings us to Captain Alessandro’s shots.  Impersonating an officer while searching for your erstwhile wife on a semi-deserted island under the hot sun can really parch your throat.

No doubt everyone on that beach could use a cold, stiff drink.  And what better than a shot of icy-cold The Kraken Spiced Rum served in a frozen shot glass?

I filled a silicon shot glass mould with the pulp from a single mango blended with the juice of a lemon, a lime and an orange, and then put that in the freezer overnight, along with the bottle of rum.

Then we toasted the relaunch of the Artemis, threw back our heads and let that glorious ice-cold rum cool us all the way down to our toes.

And then we quickly had another before before we ate our glasses.

mango shots


No silicon moulds?  For a Spiced Rum and Coke popsicle, and a chance to win a cookbook full of these icy alcoholic treats, visit my other blog, Island Vittles.


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