Mango Rum BOUNCE Mojitos for OK’s 2nd Anniversary – It’s Not Just for Cherries Anymore

Mango Rum BOUNCE Mojitos for OK’s 2nd Anniversary – It’s Not Just for Cherries Anymore

“No. I shouldna like to have that on my conscience; there’s enough without. But that’s not why I wished to buy ye a present.”

“Why, then?” The box was heavy; a gracious, substantial, satisfying weight across my legs, its wood a delight under my hands. He turned his head to look full at me, then, his hair fire -struck with the setting sun, face dark in silhouette.

“Twenty-four years ago today, I married ye, Sassenach,” he said softly. “I hope ye willna have cause yet to regret it.”

Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn (Chapter 8 – Man of Worth)

I’ll drink to that, JAMMF!

In fact, I’ll drink to most things, as many of you know.  In this case, I’m celebrating Outlander Kitchen’s 2nd Anniversary with a Tropical Mango Rum Bounce Mojito.  Having trouble reconciling a mojito with Outlander?  Dinna fash, I’ll help!

I’m picturing Mamacita, in the height of the Caribbean summer, crushing ice and muddling mint to mix with cane juice and a bottle of Rum Bounce that Lawrence Stern just happened to bring with him on his most recent visit from the Colonies.tropical bounce

Convinced?  Here’s the mojito “recipe” I used.

Too tenuous a connection? Not working for you?  Then you’re most likely a Bounce traditionalist who started a batch with pound of cherries, a cheap bottle of hooch (blended whisky is most common, but we’ve had vodka, brandy, rum and a few more), as well as some sugar, and possibly lemon juice and rind.


I made a batch of Cherry this year for old time’s sake, but I also embraced my inner Lizzie, who likes to fiddle with her brews from time to time, and made a batch of Blueberry Bourbon Bounce (alliterative, isn’t it?) as well as the aforementioned Mango Rum.  I used the same basic recipe (found here), with just a wee variation.

I used 1 lb of blueberries, a 12 oz bottle of JD, 1/4 cup sugar and the juice and zest of half a lime.

The mango rum was made with 2 peeled and diced over-ripe mangoes, a 12 oz bottle of white rum, 1/4 cup sugar and the other half of the lime I used above.

I made all of my batches in mid-July with fresh fruit, but frozen works well, as does canned, in a pinch.


Tropical Mango Rum Bounce on the Rocks

Do you have a batch of Bounce waiting in the pantry?  If you started your Bounce three months ago or more, it’s tasting time!  You don’t need to strain it yet, this is just a taste test, to see how things are coming along.

Last year, I added an extra teaspoon of sugar at this point, then recapped the jar and let it sit until Hogmanay.  This year, when I tasted the Rum Bounce, it was fine as is.  In fact, it was so fine, I went ahead and strained it so we could enjoy it with the last of the sunny weather in our parts.

I’ll be testing my batches of Cherry and Blueberry Bounce in the next couple of weeks.  If you started your Bounce more recently, in the past month or two, let it sit until the end of November or mid-December before you taste and decide if it needs a little more sugar.

Remember when adding sugar that you can always add more later, so use a light hand to start.outlander_kitchen_apron

Which brings us to OK’s 2nd Anniversary -  I can’t believe we’ve all been gathering in my Outlander Kitchen for 2 whole years – I’ve met so many wonderful fans and friends because of this blog, and now, with Outlander TV coming around the bend, it’s a whole new adventure, with even more Outlanders along for the ride!

To thank you for all the love and support, I’m hosting a little giveaway.  Up for grabs is the OK kitchen set, complete with Outlander Kitchen apron and a SPURTLE signed by Herself, Diana Gabaldon.



I am a professional chef, a food writer and an unabashed fan of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.


  1. Belinda Helms

    Well, I haven’t tried it, but the first that comes to mind is Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s Slippery Nipple. The name alone is worth it but the actual picture threw me over the edge. I’m re-reading Dragonfly right now so this seems appropriate as my favorite. Love your blog!!!

    • Mary Ellen Agnew

      I really like Mrs Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits!

  2. Kristen R

    Tough choice for my favorite recipe. I will have to go with bangers n mash with crock pot onion gravy. The gravy is fantastic and is awesome on burgers as well!

  3. Sharon Furgison

    I think Brianna’s Birdies sound awesome I’m going to try them and the bounce.

  4. Christine Hart

    My favorite OK post so far has been the Stephen Bonnet Salted Pretzel Balls. It makes me laugh every time I read about it and it is on my list of things to make this holiday season :)

    Also, I really hope you get that cookbook deal someone mentioned on Twitter recently! That would be awesome!!!

  5. Kristen Galvin

    I love this blog!!!! It’s such a treat to see all of these Outlander inspired recipes. It makes my rereading of the series so much more interesting!! Salted Butterscotch Shortbread was amazing. I want to try my hand at some of the cocktails…because they look and sound amazingly delicious….

  6. Kris Holtan

    My favourite is Murtagh’s Gift. I have made them for every holiday and my family loves them.

  7. mandannabird

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits. To. Die. For. I’ve been recommending them to everyone since the first time I made them. Yum!

  8. Alyson Hell

    My favorite Outlander Kitchen recipe is the one for Oatcakes at Lallybroch from Voyager. This was the first OK recipe I ever came across, and I was so amped to make them because finally I got to see what on earth these oatcakes were that Jamie kept eating.

    Outlander Kitchen has been so much fun for me; thanks for keeping it up.

  9. mandannabird

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits. To. Die. For. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know since I first made them. Yum!

  10. Traci Whitley

    I must say that your cherry bounce receipt was my favorite. I have made it with a few fruit adjustments and it was AWESOME. I even loved eating the fruit when the drink was gone!!!!I love seeing all of the foods you make. I haven’t made Briannas virtues yet but definately want to.

  11. Pauleta Hendrickson

    I hate to admit it, but I love lavender especially in food. So the BJR lavender fudge was a hit.

  12. bipolaraspiemom

    I would probably try Fergus’ Chestnut Tarts.

  13. Marie Sinur-Schmidt

    I love this site and I have to admidt I joined a little late. My cherry bounce is put up for either MOBY or the Starz series to start, whichever is first. Planning a Wisconsin fan base get together this summer to watch re-runs, or maybe the debut . Keep the recipe’s coming and we will make some for the party.

  14. Michelle Bennetts Heumann

    My new go-to whipped cream recipe is the one from ‘Princess Louisa’s Raspberries, Brandy & Cream’. I don’t make the whole thing very often, but I LOVE LOVE the whipped cream. It’s particularly good on my rum pumpkin pie. :)

  15. craftytxlady

    Briana’s Bridies! I love those things. However, now I am going to have to make some Bounce….

  16. Mindi

    We love the shepherd’s pie from An Echo in the Bone. My husband wants me to try your Gov. Tryon’s Humble Crumble Apple Pie recipe next. :-)

  17. Donna M.

    I have to say the chicken friccasse …. delish!! My whole family loved it. :-)

    I love that you have been making all this Outlander food for 2 amazing years. I like finding new foods to make and them being from my favorite books is all the better.

    Congrats on 2 years .. and here’s to many many more!

  18. Becki Leavitt

    I’m really quite partial to Tryon’s Humble Crumble Apple Pie!

  19. Heather HH

    BJR’s lavender fudge, of course! ;) Though there are a ton of baked goods in your FC section that have been calling my name as well! Blueberry Bridies… mmm.

  20. Tania

    “Leghair’s” Whisky Sour – we probably enjoy it twice a week, after the kids have gone to bed!

  21. Amy Jacobs

    We used your Cullen Skink recipe for our Outlander book club meeting this month. It was a great hit. Thank you.

  22. Lynn Meyer

    It’s got to be Mrs. Bugs Buttermilk Bisquits!!!!! I’ve made them a few times. I could eat the entire batch…but I do try to save some for the hubby…..

  23. Stacy

    My favorite (so far) has been Claire’s vegetable stock from DOA. I have a lot of vegetarians in my family and finding a good vegetarian from scratch broth is a gift!

  24. Janie Caperton

    It’s hard to pick just one but I would have to say my fav is OK’s Gypsie Stew!

  25. Jane patton

    Cherry Bounce! It’s Cherry Bounce that’s a favorite in our house. Why? Not only do we use it for tasting at our annual Hogmanay party but I have a wee bit brewing for some hi-test Christmas Whisky candy. Delictable cherry sweetness, lightly pink center, enhanced with nuts, coated in chocolate leaving you with a potential for a hangover the next day if your not too careful or a sugar coma.

  26. Jessica Godfrey

    I don’t think I can choose one! From Stephens salted preztel balls to Mrs. Bugs biscuits or Claire’s spoon bread. You’ve made the stories come alive in a completely new way and I’m always excited to see what you have next! Ok. I do have to say Cherry Bounce is prolly my fav even tho I only got small taste because of the moving disaster of ’12.

  27. Robyn Booth Weiss

    Cherry Bounce, FOR SURE!!!

  28. Karen Ellis

    Just discovered the Outlander phenomenon (starting The Drums of Autumn now!) and new to your site, but I would have to say, I’m amped to try the Gougeres . . . they look heavenly. But then I intend to try EVERYTHING . . . thanks so much for doing this!

  29. marzzii

    Mmmmm it has to be the peanut butter bars for me. In fact my daughter-in-law is making some to bring round for my birthday dinner tonight! (Seems we share a celebration day OK!)
    Thank you for yet another way to enjoy PB. For the record PB and pickled onion sandwiches are my fave :-) x

  30. Tammara McDonald

    It is so hard to choose just one, but Brianna’s Bridies have been a big hit in our house. Please keep the great recipes coming!

  31. Amy Reynolds

    As a favorite, I’ll choose the carrot cupcakes CND. I’ve been looking for a carrot cake recipe that was flavorful and not too sweet. Enjoyed the Scotch Eggs too. And the bridies. And …

  32. Danielle Nielsen

    Claire’s spoon bread is all I have tried so far! It is wonderful :) Can’t wait to get cooking up some more of these recipes. I love your blog!!! Thanks.

  33. Aaron

    ohh, hands down LJ’s steak and mushroom pie! Happy Anniversary to my favorite Outlander Food Blog!

  34. Darden Yerkes

    I have tried many of the recipes and love each one. I haven’t mastered the breads yet, but give me time. My favorite is Lord Johns Steak and Mushroom pie. I took it to a friend whose husband is sick, they loved it. My Dad loves it to. Going to have it ready for my brother and his wife when they come to town for Thanksgiving. Yummm.

  35. rondafrederickson

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits are a huge hit in this house!!

  36. Mariana Fonseca

    The Tortellini Portofino Claire had in Dragonfly in amber, definitely!

  37. Kati

    Hmmmm. I use Brianna’s cold frys regularly. I love the bridies too and are a staple here. Jeez. Rusty nails and pretzel balls and nettle buns who can decide on just one?

  38. Ava Trinkler

    Love the mojito :-)

  39. Chloe Prince

    I have only just found this blog and am thrilled!!! Me an my mother absolutely love the outlander books andyour blog looks amaZing. So many recipies i can not wait to try, i havnt looked through properly yet but im hopeing bannocks are im there somewhere as I am so very curious as to what these taste like. I have to say the stephen bonnet pretzel balls have tickled me and i cant wait to try these so ill put them as my fave!

  40. Noelani

    The herb and pumpkin seed oatcakes. YUM! Love them them with blackberry jam :p

  41. Renee Morrison

    Just discovered your site. Now I will visit often

  42. Nikki Skinner

    I have made a handful of your recipe but I love to bake, so, this fall my favorite has been Given or Tyrone’ s Humble Crumble Apple pie! I have made it twice and its been devoured! Yum!

  43. Tracy Rubel

    Happy anniversary

  44. Ellen Goodman

    I baked Fiona’s Ginger-Nut Biscuits from Drums of Autumn this past week! Lovely cookies for this holiday season! Nice warm and gingery, I really love them.

  45. Kathy Carbone

    Love Murtagh’s Gift (but in fact I love ALL your recipes!!). Thanks for the chance to win the spurtle! :)

  46. Ellen Goodman

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits from drums of autumn are the best. Just the right taste for this holiday season. For all of your Brianna and Rogers!

  47. Colette Miles

    I really like Jenny’s Onion Tart from Voyager

  48. Jacque Strong

    I plan to serve several of the BOUNCE recipes along with a few others from your kitchen at my first night gathering. So far there are 11 of us who will be watching together.

  49. joyce

    I LOVE Tyrons humble crumble apple pie. Especially now in the fall with apples just right for the pickin’. Awesom giveaway. Thanks

  50. Anne Hayward

    I made a batch of Cherry Bounce in August, but havena tasted it yet! My favourite recipe, so far, is Fiona’s Cinnamon Scones. Yum! Love your posts.

  51. JoAnn Pruden

    My favorite recipe is Stephen Bonnet’s pretzel balls; if for no other reason than the fun description. :)

  52. Joanna Cross

    Oh, definitely your Bridies! Or maybe Tyrone’ s Humble Crumble Apple pie! Love your recipes and seeing what you come up with.

  53. Linda Mitchell

    The Cherry Bounce.

  54. Denyce N.

    I love Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Biscuits & share them with friends however I keep Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits for myself!

  55. April Steele

    We loved the chicken fricassee here…I have yet to try the Cherry Bounce I have sitting in mason jars in my garage… but if you say it is time to taste it…who am I to disagree? Will add that to the agenda for the evening. Thanks for suggesting it!

  56. Kristina Gruell

    Well, Theresa, I think you know mine. Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Drop Biscuits. I have it memorized and it’s something I can add or subtract from to go with a variety of meals, so it never gets old. My favorite is the original! A nice, sweet treat dripping in butter. What can be better?

  57. Beth Firek

    The Scotch Eggs are a huge hit in my home.

  58. Patricia Sosenko

    I really love the cherrie Bounce Not only is it healthy for you but it taste great too Jem and his cousin liked it too :)

  59. Jennifer Maroulas

    Love making Brianna’s Birdies from Drums. My kids and DH actually ask for them by name now when putting in Dinner requests. We have been using different meats and vegies to change them around for new dishes. Thanks so much for all of your great recipes. Love your blog Thank You.

  60. hockeyirene

    Thank you so much, Theresa,

    for your blog, recipes, personal stories, selections from the Outlander books, and the happy moments when I see your post in my Inbox. What a find you are!

    In theory, I choose LJ’s Steak and Mushroom Pie (Scottish Prisoner), but I haven’t made it/them yet!

    In practice, though, I vote for Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Drop Biscuits (The Fiery Cross), which are so simple and absolutely delicious – and light! Dripping butter and honey — Oooooh.

    Irene, on the road without a kitchen

  61. Allie

    JAMMF’s hazelnut torte. I made it for my Belgian for his birthday and he LOVED it.

  62. Mary Butler

    I love Fiona’s Scones. We like them on weekend mornings and afternoons.

  63. Patty Loftus

    I have had most fun with the Cherry Bounce. I use a variety of fruits and liquor.

  64. Debra A

    Although I have no love for BJR, I did love the lavender fudge. I’ve made a couple of tweaks and converted them to white chocolate and lavender fudge truffles. I think he would approve. They are fit for a dandy ;~)

  65. Carla O R

    Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits are a favorite around here. I also loved the Anything But Haggis for Burn’s Night lamb sausage recipe. My picky husband loved it too. Dougal’s Poached Peach Sundae was great. Even though my attempt at the Salted Butterscotch Shortbread failed epically, it still tasted awesome! And your shortbread recipe has replaced my old one because my husband liked it better :)

  66. Elizabeth K. Hall-Wallace

    I’ve been making Scotch eggs since your recipe post. I use Amish made turkey sausage and coat with oat brand, ground pepper and Parmesan cheese and bake them. Never thought they’d be so easy. They are especially loved as a snack by the University of Maryland Scottish Country Dance Club.

  67. jennifermcdougall2013

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for this fun and informative site! (Though I’ve just joined a little while ago), going through the archives is most entertaining and I love reading all the information and blurbs from the books.
    Because Im a blueberry fan, I would have to say that my favourite recipe so far is “Blueberry Bridies” :) (the grandsons like them also!) Looking forward to trying more of your recipes! May good drink always be at your fingertips and flour on your cheeks!

  68. jeannenme

    Hi Theresa, My favorite has to be Cherry Bounce. My most recent batch is cellaring and it’s time to taste it. Ready just in time for Hogmany… will you be hosting a tasting party this year? My sister Mary, friend Lisa and I all made it last February and presented it to Herself at Fergus this year. It was so much fun to taste the different flavors see the different colors and bond over this receipt.

    Congratulations on 2 years, and here’s to many many more!


  69. Eileen M Foglio

    Mamasitas Mulled Sangria is my favorite recipe so far! I made it all throughout the winter and look forward to making it again this fall/winter to snuggle up with.

  70. Donna Cerjak

    Gee, I don’t think I can pick just one! We love LJ’s buttered eggs and Mrs. Bug’s biscuits. I made my cherry bounce in mid-July, so maybe a Halloween tasting is in order! Love this blog, you have added a wonderful dimension to the books. Here’s to many more anniversaries.

  71. imdroberts

    I love them all!!!!
    (Ok) the cherry bounce) :-) :-)

  72. chtease

    Happy Anniversary, OK! (Great scene to open this post, too. Jamie giving Claire her “wee box” for their 24th – so special.) Given what’s waiting upriver, I’m going to have to choose Stephen Bonnet’s Balls for my favorite recipe, though it’s a verra tough choice.

  73. Charlotte Poulos

    Charlotte Poulos; bangers n mash with the onion gravy. sadly I am on a diet so i must skimp on the gravy.

  74. Caron Mcneaney

    Tropical Mango Rum Bounce Mojito

  75. Annie Werner

    Theresa, thus far, not one recipe disappoints! You have inspired many a meal around here. I have made Mrs. Bug’s biscuits at least once a week to feed my hungry kids when the come home from school. We also love Fiona’s scones. Roger and Bree’s Baja fish tacos also put a smile on everyone’s face. And, one of these days, I’ll get to the bounce!

  76. Justine Bray Broyles

    i really liked the Laoghaire whiskey sour cuz that’s my “go to” drink, but i loved the gyspy stew!!! just like my grandma used to make (minus the kale), i actually made it for my family and everyone went for seconds! i really enjoy ur blog!!!!!!!

  77. Frannie

    It’s so hard to decide! I need to give my bounce a taste, and the fudge was a huge hit, but I’d have to say my favorite would be the gougères!

  78. Elizabeth Girard

    The recipe I’m most proud of partaking in so far is your poached egg recipe. Although the hollandaise sauce wasn’t part of the Outlander recipes, I did the one you suggested. My only regret, wolfing it down before I took a picture! Up until that point, I had always thought poached eggs to be a bit too daunting. I’m so glad I went ahead and tackled it. They were delicious!

  79. Kimberley Bane-Rabanal

    The Bridies!!! The Bridies!!

  80. Barbara

    I’m basically here for the kilt pictures. LOL. Although, I really like how you have joined a passage of text with a recipe. I’m looking forward to trying few very soon. But, please keep the kilt pictures coming!

  81. Kimberly A Britton Gallant

    Have to say, the Cherry Bounce……but tempted to try the salty balls. congrats! And thanks.

  82. Susan Van Hoven

    I’m new to this site, but I love it and will be visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving. I will be sure to bring the recipes for the drinks. They look delicious and wonderful. I look forward to trying a lot more recipies. I have been an Outlander fan for about 20 years. I can’t wait to have an Outlander party with my friends.

  83. Rhonda Rasmusson

    I love so many of your recipes! I am really liking lately the one at the top of this article Mango Rum Bounce Mojitos!!! Fantastic! Love outlander kitchen thanks for keeping it up!!

  84. Kendra S

    I have made the Scotch Eggs from An Echo in the Bone a few times. These have been a huge hit at my son’s bike races. I look forward to making many more of the recipes as the Outlander Series airs on Starz! Thank you, Outlander Kitchen, for filling our senses with tasty renditions of Claire and Jamie Cuisine. Also, I think you should absolutely publish an Outlander kitchen Cookbook!

  85. Liza Ahern

    Wow, favorite recipe so far what tghe Canada Day Blueberry Bridies. Very tasty and fun for my duaghter and I to make together. I also wanted to say thnks for all the fun information and recipes. I found your blog totally by accident. I read the entire Outlander series via books on tape during my pregnancy (it made morning sickness and commuting bearable) and it has been a delight to read your posts while waiting for the next book!

  86. BeckyAul76

    I love to whip up a batch of Corn Dodgers from Drums but the bounce sounds awesome too!

  87. Lynn Bischoff

    I like the old country bannocks, and your oatcakes. A

  88. Kathryn Stirrup

    I had never heard of Jennys Onion Tart before but it is just delicious

  89. Jennifer woodrow

    I used the Battlefield Blackberry jam just last month.

  90. patataalforno

    Mine is definitely “Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits from Dragonfly in Amber”
    I’m so glad I’ve discovered this website!

  91. kelly in weed

    The only one I’ve made so far is Sheperd’s Pie. I’m going to make it again this weekend, this time with venison and I can’t wait. The is the most glorious pie I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to making more recipes and it looks like i’m going to have to start drinking again to try all the lovely drinks you keep making.

  92. Erika Wilson

    I love Mrs. Bug’s Cinnamon Toast! :)

  93. Susanne Behrmann

    I love Govenor Tryon’s Humble Crumble Pie with caramel sauce. Made it several times for family feasts and it has always been a great hit

  94. Elaine Boyle

    Cherry Bounce, but now I’m gonna have to try the mango one!!

  95. Diane Searcy

    The Honey Buttermilk Oat Bread has been a huge hit with my family!! Hubby and all three teenagers have requested at least 2 batches per week now. Moist, flavourful and not at all heavy- it’s their all time favourite from the many homemade bread recipes we have tried over the years.

  96. Sarah Elizabeth (@Nyx710)

    Hello!! I found a fell in love with the Outlander series the spring of 2012 (late bloomer, I know). I found OK before I even finished the first book. I wanted to add that my FAVORITE post of all time is this one:

    But you asked what our favorite receipe was Jenny’s Onion Tart!

    Man… I want that SPURTLE ! :)

  97. Carolyn Anderson Swindall

    I love the alliteration of Blueberry Bourbon Bounce and I’m sure that Clare would too!

  98. Eastofeden

    Your Irish Soda Bread is FAB!!!! Although the Bounce sounds wonderful too..I’ll have to put some up :)

  99. Shawn L. Bird

    I was TOTALLY impressed to see that @Outlander_Starz follows you! Smart people. ;-) Your bounce recipes make me want to reconsider my teetotaller status.

  100. Sandy O

    Herb & Pumpkin Seed Oatcakes. I just love anything with oatmeal!!

  101. Surah

    Sooo…. since I am not brave enuff to make my own hooch….whose house can I come visit?

  102. Songster51

    I vote for Governor Tryon’s Humble Crumble Apple Pie. I tried it last weekend in anticipation of Thanksgiving. And HOMG. YUMMM. Definitely go with the crumble topping vs. more dough. Love this blog btw. Combining all my favorite things in one place for the WIN.

  103. Cheryl Janzen

    I love seeing new recipes come up form outlander Kitchen. So many yummy ones. I think I will have to go with Mulled Sangria but I could have picked many!

  104. Etty Martinez

    I’m new to your site but look forward to exploring and trying out new foods. The mango drink looks great as well as the sangria.

  105. Amanda

    I really enjoyed the hot chocolate recipe – though I love them all! I want to start spending more time cooking so I can try out more of these recipes. :)

  106. Mel J

    I’m a sucker for bread recipes, but really I love all of it :) I might have to start some blueberry bounce with some of my freezer stash this weekend, even though it’ll take a while to be ready. Yum.

  107. Jenna D.

    I love love love the buttered eggs and I have them all the time. I’d also like to vote for the pizza and the seafood portofino! Thanks for a wonderful 2 years in the Kitchen, Theresa!

  108. Charlene

    My favorite recipe is Claire’s spoon bread!

  109. Rebecca Adams

    I love the fish tacos. And the bounce. Lol.

  110. Lynda Sexton-Kellett

    I love your blog because of your ingenious recipe ideas and their hilarious names. Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate biscuits are one of my favourites. Perfect with a cuppa tea.

  111. Viviana

    Congratulations for your anniversary! Love to visit your page and the recipes! Have many of them still in my wish list, waiting for a little more time to cook without pressure LOL. My favorite recipe is the Gougeres, but I have taken note of all the comments here. Couldn’t make the cherry bounce last year due to lack of cherries, so now I liked your idea of a blueberry drink (blueberries are grown locally!). I must try it! Congrats again!

  112. Renee Larson

    I LOVE a good cherry bounce and the one I found here is excellent! Please keep up the good work. I LOVE all of the inspiration you share!!

  113. Linda Lund

    I love the cherry bounce!!

  114. Mary Robertson Richards

    Okay, just one. Hmmm….Claire’s Spoon Bread. I am a carbo junkie.

  115. Carol Mackey

    Tonight I made Claire’s Spoonbead to go with my “whatever’s in the fridge” chicken and it was delicious! Thank you for giving us so many great recipes to try–Happy Anniversary!!

  116. Leah Vitale

    I love the bridies recipe and the Shepard’s Pie. Honestly, I won’t be happy until I try them all. Love OK!

  117. Jahna Berry

    Brianna’s Bridies!! Ever since I read the first description of them I wanted them!! They are scrumptious and I can’t wait to experiment with them!!

  118. laraynesthings

    I happen to really like all the talk of the Bounce, but have yet to make any. I need to do it, so thanks for having the recipe on again!

  119. laurielynn

    Well, I haven’t ONE favourite….but Shepherd’s Pie paired with Jamie’s Rusty Nail seems like as good a choice as any. As for favourite posts – well, Jamie and Frank Play Checkers is right up there. And I’d love to say that I actually own a spurtle! Tell you what. If my name is randomly drawn, I’ll pick up the spurtle in person and spring for the HP.

  120. Jeni H

    Hi. I’m new here but I’ve looked through the recipes. I’ve tried Mrs. Bug’s Cinnamon-Sugar Butter and have to say it’s wonderful. So, that’s my favourite. Love this site x

  121. Joanna Withers

    I love your humble crumble apple pie! My family won’t let me make any other apple pie. :) I’m so glad I’ve found this blog! Your recipes are awesome and I love how you connect to the Outlander series. Thank you so much! Book maybe???

  122. Katherine

    Cherry Bounce! However, I am so grateful for all of your recipes. Such a joy to cook and bake with Claire and Jamie in the kitchen. I actually have a spurtle collection, and would love to add this wonderful signed addition. Cheers all!

  123. Laura

    We make Brianna’s Matchstick Cold Oil French Fries all the time. Had ‘em the night before last with a pork sandwich.

  124. clarehoover

    Happy Anniversary OK!!! My favroite reciepe is because the love Christmas, Cinnamon and Baking.

  125. sunshineyness

    Scotch eggs and the Gypsy stew have become part of my cooking rotation. I’m about to attempt the salted butterscotch biscuits for the holiday season soon. :P

  126. Darlene

    Although I haven’t actually tried it i know I would love the Blueberry Bourbon Bounce!!

    • Carolyn davie

      has to be the lavender fudge :-)

  127. erin b

    oh the toffee! love love love!

  128. Christine McCann

    Brianna’s Bridies

  129. Meghan N.

    I tried the Salted Butterscotch Shortbread from Dragonfly in Amber without much hope (since usually my candymaking, carmel, butterscotch making etc. doesnt come out very well), but just my luck it turned out PERFECTLY!! It has become one of my favorite not too sweet, but still sweet desserts!

  130. Taking On Magazines

    I just wanted to say happy anniversary! How can I pick anything but the shortbread? You know how much I love that stuff. :)

  131. Bobbie. o'Brien

    Och aye – scotch eggs!

  132. Suellen Thompson

    Love scones, and yours are the best!

  133. Karen H.

    Well, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m getting up my courage to attempt the rolls with pigeon and truffle at the outlander premier viewing party I’m already planning. My mouth waters whenever I read the recipe. (Love the blog, btw!)

  134. melody

    I love any of the baked goodies! Not that I need it.

  135. Elaine Birch

    Briana’s Bridies!

  136. Jamie Lynn Hunkins

    I’m new to the OK! I want to try my hand at “Ute Mcgillivrays Beer-Battered Corn Fritters.” There is so much to explore here.

  137. Leslie

    I’ve put together my first batch of Cherry Bounce using whiskey. I’ll be trying it out on My uncle, who loves all things coming from the American Revolutionary period.

  138. Shareen Ali

    Salted Butterscotch Shortbread from DOA – can’t go wrong with shortbread and butterscotch in the same recipe!

  139. Lori Campbell

    Mamacita’s Mulled Sangria would warm even Jamie’s cockles! Lovely mingling of flavors!

  140. Debbie Collins

    I did your cherry bounce with our home grown blackheart cherries. They’re so sweet I didn’t need as much sugar. Excellent and I’m giving small (really small) bottles of it as Christmas presents :)

  141. twilightreader3

    Crock pot chicken fricasee!!!! Yum!!!!

  142. drldeboer

    I agree it’s impossible to pick just one! Baked goods & alcohol such as Bounce above are my faves :)

  143. Pat Dunbar

    I recently tried Brianna’s Matchstick (Cold Oil) French Fries. They are perfect every time and much easier to prepare. We have them at least once a week.

  144. drldeboer

    Agree can’t pick just one! Baked goods & alcohol such as Bounce are my faves :)

  145. Jo-Ann Simec

    I loved Mrs. Bugs biscuits! Best baked in a cast iron skillet my fav (that I’ve made) so far. Need an OK cookbook

  146. Alicia Lominick

    Claire’s spoon bread!

  147. Angie

    My fave is the Puff Pastry Boar Tusk Bracelets w/ Prosciutto & Asparagus. Wondermous!

  148. Stephanie Sommers

    Mango Rum Mojito

  149. Marie-Louise Donnelly

    I have loved everything I have made so far but Jenny’s Everyday Bread makes my mouth water thinking about it.

  150. GryffenStrong

    The Blueberry Burbon Bounce is amazing – i added a wee tad of star anise and it zinged it right up!

    Love the blog, love the books and love what you have achieved!

    *waves from sunny Scotland*

  151. Jen Gledhill

    My favorite are the gougeres! So delicious!

  152. Amanda

    Happy anniversary! I have made a ton of your recipes (and still have more to try), but my favorite OK recipe is probably a tie between the cinnamon scones and pizza. Love it

  153. Susan Lemmons

    My favorite way of relieving stress is making bread from scratch, so it would have to be Jenny’s Everyday Bread.

  154. Kacey Petit

    I have two favorites. First and foremost would be Mama’s Sangria (for obvious reasons ;)) sexing would be the Scotch eggs. Both have become a staple in our home thanks to your brilliance and inventive imagination.
    Thank you!

  155. Kacey Petit

    And obviously I’ve had to much of Mamas drink since I can’t text SECOND without my phone changing it to sexing. Good grief! LOL

  156. Julie Hesler

    We’re looking at OK recipes for a Highland theme 50th birthday party for me! My favorite so far is Murtagh’s Gift to Ellen. We had prosciutto-wrapped asparagus at our wedding reception, so the fond memory of that and the emotion represented by the recipe give me a great warm feeling. :-)

  157. Jen Amrhein

    Salted Butterscotch Shortbread. Perfect combo of sweet and salty!

  158. Amy Chavez


  159. Catriona

    Mango Rum :)

  160. Sandy

    Just discovered this wonderful place! I can’t wait to try the Mulled Sangria and work my way through from there…

  161. Sharon K

    Oh, how to pick just one?! But, at the moment, the chocolate pretzel balls are at the top of my list to try. Thanks for all the good recipes and references!

  162. Kathleen Ladislaus (@KLadislaus)

    My first bounce attempts have been a mixed review. Getting my drink on with this latest posting of yours. Waving from Delta’s shores!

  163. Stephanie Altmeyer

    Cherry Bounce!!!

  164. Shannon Pike

    Was going to say the Wedding Roast, but then saw the Chocolate Biscuits comment above! So both of those I think are my favourites. ;) mmmm…..Now I know What I’m cooking this weekend!

  165. Jane Warren

    I know it’s one of the simpler recipes, but my son just loves the Corn Dodgers. We had a great time making them! Thank you!!!

  166. zenhorse

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits

  167. Maria Trumbach

    I love several recipes but I make Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits at least once a month – mostly for myself, but I pretend they’re for the whole family!

  168. Sue

    Shortbread. I could eat it all day, everyday!!

  169. Marci Pokorney

    I have enjoyed many of your recipes, but I’d have to say my favorite is probably Brianna’s Bridies.

  170. Jan Hernandez

    Scotch eggs… But Mango rum is intriguing. My BFF and I just returned from our first-ever trip to Scotland, and wow! is the food scrumptious in that fair country!

  171. Sue Roussopoulos

    Gotta be Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls. I mean, its just so wrong! What could be better than balls that fulfill that salty/sweet craving?

  172. Patty Loftus

    Brianna’s Bridies

  173. Catherine Lauzon

    Brianna’s Bridies are so delicious! Can’t beat a good meat pie :)

  174. Sharon Thackston

    My fav is Carrot Cupcake Craigh na Dun. Carrot cake is so yummy and your recipe is delicious! Thank you for your post, you always brighten up my day and I had the pleasure of making my trip in a lifetime to Scotland and the Highlands. I loved it!!

  175. Bridgette L. Rallo

    Carrot Cupcakes Craigh na Dun! I make them in mini form with a little less sugar and no icing for my three-year-old grandson for Saturday breakfast….he LOVES them!

  176. christina s

    the shortbread!!

  177. Patrice Williams

    I’m rather fond of Shepards Pie, although I make it a bit differently.

  178. Kimberly Dunn

    Bangers & Mash with Crock Pot Onion Gravy from DIA. It’s my ultimate favorite Outlander book from the Series. I love potatoes and sausages and the both of them together are just heavenly!

  179. Deborah S

    Simple and classic . . . Bangers & Mash with Crockpot Onion Gravy. So exciting to have a giveaway from a CANADIAN blogger!

  180. Michele Castellano

    Still very new to this blog. Thanks for the inspiration. Corn Dodgers for now. But can’t wait to try more. May even give the bounce above a try. Yum!

  181. RogueQueen

    Yay exciting! I think Stephen Bonnets balls. :)

  182. sweetiedi

    I might not ken what a spurtle is – but I sure do know what a mojito is and I want both!!!

  183. Kathy H.

    The Mango Rum Mojito looks amazing — but I LOVE the Steak and Mushroom Pies (from Lord John and the Private Matter). I’ve made them several times and haven’t been disappointed at all! Thanks so much for sharing your kitchen genius!

  184. julie

    Shepards pie, especially this time of year!

  185. Brigitte D'Andrea

    Mmm…..I am a fan of tortellini (Italian husband) so I’ll have to say Claire’s tortellini portofino is delish!

  186. Rowen G.

    It’s hard to pick just *one* recipe – I’ll go with Mme. Jeanne’s Honey-butter Oat Bread, since I’ve made it so often. :-)

  187. Lilmrsteapotts

    Blueberry bourbon Bounce … Waiting for the magic to happen. Feel like a kid weeks before Christmas!!!!

  188. Karen Wawrzaszek

    Briana’s Bridies…yum.

  189. Patty Bergman

    The shortbread nothing better then a cup of tea with milk and sugar and shortbread to dunk.

  190. Theresa Bergman

    I’m new to the OK recipes, but I’m looking forward to trying more than a few this fall!! Would LOVE to start some cherry bounce!

  191. Reni

    Omg! Has to be the ummm, errrrr, Uhhhhhhhhh…. Balls! You know the ones ;) I actually get pestered to make those bad boys lol OFTEN! Hehehehehe

  192. Norma Kunze

    My favorite is Mrs. Fitz’s porridge

  193. Barbara Dolan

    My favorite is Fiona’s Cinnamon Scones

  194. Sandi Solis

    I’ve been collecting recipes for my holiday baking and am sending my dad Fiona’s Ginger-Nut Biscuits along with his much-beloved Snickerdoodles-suspect these may be his new “favorite”!

  195. Jenni B

    Mamacita’s Sangria is a favourite of my husband and I. And I’ll be making Brianna’s Bridies this weekend. Perfect fall comfort food. Your blog truly brings me much joy, and even if I can’t make _all_ the recipes, at least I can try! Goal for next summer: work my way throughthe entirety of OK.

  196. Hildy

    I have not tried them yet but the first recipe of yours that I ever saw was Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls. You had me at balls. :)

  197. Monica Weiberg

    I love the recipe for Scotch eggs, they are vera tasty!!

  198. Valerie Pauley

    Chocolate Biscuits!!!

  199. Cyndi Barber

    Crock Pot Chicken Fricasse! It’s hardy and great comfort food for a chilly winter dinner.

  200. Patsy Miller

    Fiona’s cinnamon scones look really good.

  201. Jacki

    Jenny’s everyday bread

  202. Nicki

    I love the Murtagh’s Gift to Ellen recipe !! I haven’t tried it yet but intend to do…great “food” depiction of the bracelets ! Always love that little side story about Ellen and Murtagh !

  203. Rachel Ridge Feuerbach

    Ooh it’s hard to pick, I love all of your recipes! Well if you tied me up and threatened to take Diana’s books away if I didn’t choose, I’d have to say a dinner made of the chicken fricassee, buttermil drop biscuits, and humble crumble apple pie would be my favorite. I really reeeaaallly want that spurtle! !

  204. Karen Boilard

    Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls…….because….well…..who doesn’t like Balls….Ye Ken?

  205. 5shiffletts

    Black Jack Randall’s Chocolate Lavender Fudge…havna tried them, but I think I must!

  206. Darcy Blake

    Mamcita’s Sangrai and Hot Chocolate with La Dame Blanche. Can you tell I don’t cook much? But if I were to vote for the most clever and beautiful – Murtagh’s Gift to Ellen from Outlander makes me WANT to cook.

  207. amy feltman

    My fave recipe is the cherry bounce, hands down.

  208. Michelle Eichelberger

    I have just recently stumbled upon this site and have quite a few items on my grocery list for this weeks meals!!!

    • Michelle Eichelberger

      This one is on my list
      Crock Pot Chicken Fricasse

  209. Cathy Jackson

    Mmmmm Cherry Bounce!!

  210. Kirsten Markevich

    Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls! Amazing!

  211. myyearinbookreviews

    Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls!!! salty, sweet, chocolately… and Bonnet!!! Yum Yum!

  212. Angie Busch

    Brianna’s Matchstick Cold Oil French Fries.

  213. Patty

    I love the Mango Rum Bounce Mojito recipe.

  214. Robin Troupe

    Ooooh, the Scotch Eggs for sure!

  215. Jo

    Carrot Cupcakes Craigh na Dun. Delicious. This is a great page.

  216. Sunny

    I’m new here, but I would love to try Fiona’s Cinnamon Scones!

  217. Jackie Ahlquist

    Jenny’s Everyday Bread! Looks wonderful, I just have to have the time to make it :-)

  218. Linda DeHaven

    Fionna’s cinnamon scone- YUM

  219. Melissa Larcombe

    Nothing like snuggling up with any of the Outlander books and enjoying Hot Chocolate with La Dame Blanche!!

  220. GinaD

    He is one of my least favorite characters, but I’d vote for your recipe for Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls

  221. Heidi

    Simple and tasty way to start any day: Irish Soda Bread & Buttered Eggs from The Scottish Prisoner. :) Mrs. Bug’s Overnight Parritch from The Fiery Cross is perfect every day with a bit of raw honey drizzled on top. Filling!

  222. Dawn Melton.

    Brianna’s cold oil matchstick fries! Best french fries I’ve ever had :-)

  223. Rhea

    Scotch eggs from An Echo in the Bone… I love eggs of any kind but these are really delicious!

  224. Jennifer Perez-Wolfkeil

    What a fun collection of thoughts, receipts, and ideas! Thanks, JPW

  225. Sara Kline

    Battlefield Blackberry Jam from The Fiery Cross. Super easy and super YUMMY!

  226. Barb

    Bree’s matchstick French fries!!

  227. Cathy S

    My favorite is most definitely the shortbread!

  228. Penny Nadeau

    Although I have not tried it yet, I’m anxious to try the Cherry Bounce! I think it’ll be the perfect cocktail to sip while watching the Outlander Series when it premiers!

  229. Darcee Lancaster

    Cherry Bounce fer sure! Delish!

  230. Jennifer Lawson

    Fiona’s Cinnamon Scones from Voyager for Christmas Morning!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary :-)
    So glad to have found you.


  231. Stacia

    The cherry bounce is great but looking forward to the blueberry version! I like mixing cherry one with Southern Comfort.

  232. Tracy Pressley

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! :)
    My favorite recipe that the whole family loves is “Chicken Fricassee”, my daughter and I are also addicted to Lord John’s “Buttered Eggs”.
    Thank you so much for creating these wonderful recipes and I truly hope one day soon we can buy a copy of “Outlander Kitchen Cookbook” :)

    • Linda Medina

      Steak & Mushroom pies! (and of course Stephwn’s balls…)

  233. Amy Kloos

    Cherry bounce! Because I love it, and honestly? It’s the only recipe I’ve tried so far!

  234. Andrea James

    Yay! Happy Anniversary! So many favorite recipes, but of recent ones, I would have to pick Governor Tryon’s Humble Crumble Apple Pie. :-)

  235. Kris Palmisano

    Happy anniversary ! I have several favorites . The one I have made the most is the Crock pot Chicken Fricasee. This is my first year making Cherry Bounce. Can’t wait to try it.

  236. Michelle MELARA

    My favorite is Honey-Buttermilk Oatbread at Madame Jeanne’s from Voyager. I love fresh bread and this one is a family favorite now.

  237. Katie Smith

    Of course my favorite recipe is cherry bounce. yum! I do also think your mango rum sounds delicious!

  238. Laura Trautman

    I LOVE the mojitos recipe! I’m going to make some with my mom for Thanksgiving and that’s my birthday too!

  239. Lynne Allison

    Hi! The recipe for “Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits” look great! I plan on trying these soon. Thank you for this blog. I have learned so much! Hugs!

  240. Meghan

    I am new to the blog, as in just found it from the Book Bosses, but the cherry bounce and apple pie sound like some fun recipes to try out!

  241. Louise

    I’ve made (and loved) the Gypsy Stew from Outlander, more times than I can count. Sooooo gooood.

  242. Karen Ridgeway

    Favorite recipe is Brianna and roger’s pizza. Love your blog and all of the recipes and information!!

  243. Frances LoGrasso (@Firecrackrr)

    I love the Shepherd’s Pie, I have my own recipe, but yours adds more depth of flavor

  244. Patsy Burns

    Steak and Mushroom Pie. We’re beef eaters!

  245. zoeypeacock

    Honey Buttermilk Oatbread

  246. Heather Larsen-Dafoe

    I’m all about the bounce. The bread recipes are awesome too!

  247. zoeypeacock

    Honey Buttermilk Oat Bread

  248. Theresa

    The cinnamon scones are super easy and very yummy! Can’t wait to make them again. Please keep up the excellent work!

  249. Marlen Toch-Marquardt

    Favorite recipe? This have to be Fiona’s Ginger Nut Bisquites from DoA!!!

  250. Jeannie

    I’m going to work the mango mojito so that it’ll be ready when the show premieres… Just in time to use with The Outlander Drinking Game!! :) Love how inspirational you are Theresa! Such a beautiful blog and wonderful recipes.

  251. Sandi McLaren (@CyanMoonStars)

    So hard to choose just one recipe!!! I’ve made the Blueberry Bridies from July and they were lovely (actually they were half blueberry and half saskatoons). Thank you from a very grateful reader for bringing so much of the epicurian side of the Outlander series alive for us :)

  252. Colly Travis

    My favorite recipe is Brianna’s Pasties. I have made them several times for my family and they love them.

  253. Clara Cunha

    Well, I only had the chance to try a few recipes and my favorite so far are the cinnamon scones. But I think my ultimate favorite is going to be the chestnut tarts, I’m dying to try it but I can’t find many of the ingredients :(( Thank you so much for this wonderful site!

  254. Kara Valentine

    My favorite recipe is cherry bounce. I have soom soaking on top of the fridge, its even decorative!

  255. Kristine

    I loved the blueberry Bridies. #1 because you did them for Canada day and I’m Canadian, #2 because I picked my own blueberries, #3 I also made meat bridies and had left over dough, #4 of course because they taste great and the whole family loved them! B

  256. Stacey S

    Stephen Bonnet’s salted pretzel balls!

  257. Tanya Langille

    I love LOVE the scotch eggs :)

  258. Amy A.

    Fiona’s cinnamon scones!

  259. Anita Boelke

    for me it’s our Cherry Bounce recipe ….

    • Amy

      The Bounce recipe sounds fabulous…think I’m going to try it with mango!

  260. Gloria French

    Has to be the Cherry Bounce! You know, I just feel so good drinking that….heehee!!!

  261. Christiane

    Hello Theresa ! Is it possible for me to enter since I live in France ? Happy Anniversary and many more to come ! Looking forward to the OK cookbook…Really hard to choose only one but I’d say Claire’s tortellini Portofino. Christiane

  262. Kimberly Hughes

    Brianna’s Bridies!!!!!

  263. Sherri Boyce

    I’ve loved your site for quite some time. I’ve never posted here. My favorite recipe is the Highland Coffee recipe. In fact I’ve tried most of your cocktail recipes and of course plenty of food recipes as well. I’m hosting a St. Andrew’s night this month. My Gaelic language club is invited. We’ll speak some Gaelic, sing some songs and eat some lovely Scottish food and sip some whiskey. You are my inspiration!

  264. Rebecca Vanden Bosch

    Fiona’s Cinnamon Scones are fabulous!!! Would love to try the Bounce someday too!

  265. Martha Bass Snider

    The Shepherds Pie

  266. Cassie

    Battlefield blackberry jam…of course I have enough to see us through the winter :)

  267. Carolyn


  268. cathwitacee

    I’ve bookmarked so many Outlander Kitchen recipes but I have to admit I’ve only tried the Cherry Bounce so far so many to look forward to!

  269. Connie Barlow (@Tiabhsear)

    We just love the Chicken Friccasse, our favorite meal. And as soon Outlander makes it to Red Carpet, We’ll be slipping a glass or two of Cherry bounce!

  270. Lisa

    I tried the cherry bounce.

  271. Cyndee Martin

    Shepards pie for me

  272. Chely Roach

    Oatcakes From Lallybroch!
    LOVE your Outlander recipes!

  273. Emilie Laforge

    There are so many recipes I want to try but haven’t had a chance to make. Of the ones I have tried, my favorite is Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Drop Biscuits.

  274. Gretchen Bell

    Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits and the great Cherry Bounce experiment have t be tops. I can’t believe it’s been two years. I’ve been tagging along for at least one of those! Hoping for the cook book!

  275. Heather MacKeigan

    I like crockpot chicken fricassee

  276. Bev Allen

    Congratulations on two years!! So many recipes……….
    The Salt Rising Bread immediately comes to mind!

  277. Nicole Craig

    Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits. I love ginger! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  278. Anna Ståhl

    Whisky sour I have offerd it to many of my guests and everyone loves it =)

  279. Molly

    I haven’t been able to look at a pretzel in the same way since Stephen Bonnet’s Pretzel Balls!

  280. DJ

    To pick one is truly difficult, but I have to say Brianna’s Bridies are amazing! And now all I can think about are bridies and mango rum Bounce! Mmm… mojitos & bridies and its off to town I go for supplies. :D

  281. Rachel Wayne Torres

    Brianna’s Bridies are my favorite. I have an abiding love for any type of meat pie and yours are delicious!

  282. Dawn Loomis

    I love root veges so the Gypsy Stew is my favorite. Thanks for all the recipes!

  283. ichayapet

    I love root veges, so its Gypsy Stew for me!

  284. lisa mikanda

    Brianna’s Bridies!! :)

  285. renee

    i love Mrs. Bug’s Cinnamon Toast! ready to win good luck everyone

  286. Michele Jones

    Blueberry Bridies! Blueberry makes everything better! :) Love Outlander Kitchen!

  287. Megan Gorton

    My favorite is Stephen Bonnets Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls… they are just amazing!! . ;)

  288. Jennifer Stevens

    I am going to try the mojito! Love the recipes. And outlander!

  289. Coralie Collins

    OK, my favorite recipe (today ayway) would be the scrumptious, juicy, mouth watering wedding feast roast!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!! Not to mention all this talk of this mango bounce is peaking my interest, and making me very thirsty, aye? Well done @outlanderkitchen for being a constant encouragement, and bringing the greatest story of all time alive through amazing food and receipts.

    • Kathy Baker

      Stephen Bonnet’s pretzel balls.

  290. Lorri Smith

    Stephen Bonnets Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls are tasty and perfect for sharing with friends & family! They are the perfect compliment to any meal or just for snacking!

  291. Roberta Pelton

    Although Cherry Bounce will probably always be my favorite (as I mentioned some time ago, I made some with mango and rum…and it came out AMAZING. Made a whole wedding reception nice and toasty, when I made punch, with it!), I have recently become rather fond of Rollo’s dog treats, too.

    …blame that on the addition of a largish pooch, and a kilted lad, in my own life. :)

  292. Jonica Bradley

    Scotch eggs have turned out to be one of the best loved recipes. My husband takes then with him to work.

  293. Judy Wilson

    My favorite recipe is the Scotch eggs! I first tried these at our local Renaissance Faire in Lebanon, PA. Every year in June, they have a Celtic Fling where they try to break the previous year’s record for the most Scotch eggs consumed. In 2012, the record was 2,933. These are absolutely delicious!

  294. Debbie Michaels

    I made the Chicken Fricasee with the Buttermilk biscuits, they were wonderful together!! All we had leftover was a few biscuits which I used to make my guy’s lunch next day, at his request (I kept one for mine!)
    I plan to make the Steak & Mushroom pie next but want it for a gray, rainy day. Bottle of excellent Cabernet, roaring
    fire, and comfort food from my favorite books with my version of JAMMF. What could be better??
    Keep up the amazing recipes, Theresa! And my humble thanks for your efforts!

  295. Gisela

    Lord John’s Steak and Mushroom pie is by far, my favorite one! Had it for dinner many many times! Happy Anniversary and thank you for all the wonderful recipes!!!

  296. Su Thomson

    Lallybroch Oatcakes !

  297. Jacqueline Roodnat

    Steamed Mussels with Butter ~ I love cooking mussels, yum! I am going to try this recipe as I love panko crumbs. Just used them for stuffed mushrooms and scallops. Thank you for all the wonderful Outlander recipes!

  298. Twyla

    Oh tough choice Id have to go with the oatcakes. And well I hope my first taste of cherry bounce will let you know on the first of Jan. Which is also my birthday ;)

  299. Methos

    I love Brianna’s french fries!when I cooked them, I thought they ate the dish too

  300. Sandi Goldberg

    Rollo’s dog treats! What with over 400 dog deaths attributable to store bought treats, I refuse to give them to my dog, Fred. Thank you so much for all your delicious recipes!

  301. Stephanie Bettis

    I have many favorites, but I think the best for me is the Carrot Cupcake Craigh na Dun! I love carrot cake and your recipe is delicious!

  302. Lynn Eyermann

    After two years, I still have to go with Madame Jeanne’s Honey-Buttermilk Oatbread from Voyager!

    Cheers to another two years, Lass!

  303. Gwen Shepperson

    Scotch Eggs–my kids have taken them to school and most of their friends love them now too!

  304. maile

    I have a batch of Bounce, ready for a wee taste. I’ve tried the fricassee and loved it, and am looking forward to making a few Scotch eggs. Always enjoy checking how things are stirring up in your kitchen!

  305. Debbie Lech

    I’ve tried a bunch of your recipes. Waiting to see how my Cherry Bounce turns out for Christmas! Can’t wait!

  306. Courtney Boylan

    Scotch Eggs! As a college kid, I don’t have a ton of time to experiment with cooking. But my mother introduced me to the Outlander series in high school, and your website has inspired me!
    The Scotch Eggs are the first recipie I tried and still everyone’s favorite! Thank you, OK!!!

  307. Catherine Windsor (@jcatwindsor)

    Mrs. Graham’s Chocolate Biscuits. Anything with chocolate is good. YUM!

  308. María Jesús Bueno

    Las galletas de la señora Graham me encantan!!!

  309. Kimberly Follick

    Cherry bounce, and wedding feast roast. Chicken fricassee is a standard.

  310. Noèlia Lorenzo

    Pues a mí me encantan las gachas de avena, qué le vamos a hacer!!! :P

  311. Loret

    Yo lo quiero, por favor…

  312. Luciana

    My favorites are ginger cookies that Fiona prepares on Drums of Autumn thank’s for the “international contests”

  313. Cynthia Fuller

    So many of your recipes that I’m dying to try out! So far the only one I’ve actually made is the hazelnut torte, and it was delicious! And I just really enjoy your blog!

  314. Jakki Horan

    My favorite recipe? Since Claire’s penicillin isn’t included, then it has to be “Claire’s Vegetable Stock from DOA” :)

  315. Diana Weggeman Rotelli

    Definitely the Scotch eggs!!!!

  316. KMM

    Tough choice, I think I will go with the oatcakes, but there are soo many of your recepies that I still have to try. Happy anniversary!

  317. Lee Ann Monat

    So many good ones! But I’ll have to go with Jenny’s Every Day Bread…

  318. Darla Hollowood

    Loved Claire’s Nettle Kissed Buns from last March. So fun to say and make. Great for slipping healthy greens into kid’s diet.

  319. TamiH

    I love your Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Biscuits. They aren’t fancy, but they are good home cooking that the family all devour. I think I need to make some to go with dinner tomorrow!

  320. Bethany Iyobe

    I’m not here to enter the contest as this is my first real read of a recipe and I don’t think that would be fair. But I do want to say congratulations on 2 years and that the blueberry bounce sounds GREAT! I will be visiting & reading again! Thanks for such great ideas!

  321. Jenifer Holland

    I was planning on making the Cherry Bounce but couldn’t find fresh berries. I guess I’ll have to use them from a jar. Thanks for the contest!

  322. Marylou

    Jenny’s Onion Tart from Voyager! So many great recipes that have opened a whole new Outlander cooking experience. Thank you so much! Happy 2nd Anniversary and many more successful years!

  323. kmcneese

    I’m new to outlander kitchen, and my oven is broken, so I haven’t tried anything yet. but I’m looking forward to trying some recipes this winter…anything baked!

  324. Elisha Frumkin

    Beer Battered Corn Fritters…. yum :)

  325. sharkagirl

    Brianna’s Bridies from Drums of Autumn – hands down!!
    My daughter and I got hooked on brides in the Edinburgh train station of all places – they were good. OK’s are great!! Need something versatil? Try using root veggies from your garden. We also have been known to cheat and use frozen pie dough or phillo dough if time is short. Looking forward to making Mrs. Graham’s chocolate biscuits! So much better than the store variety!

  326. tandemsandY

    Mrs bugs cinnamon toast, nom nom

  327. Genie Fettig (@genie86333)

    Peanut Butter Power Bars for sure!

  328. Veronica

    My favourite is Roger & Bree’s Pizza !! it’s easy to make, for me because I’m not good at the kitchen hehehe

    saludos desde Argentina!!!!

  329. Janet Meslovich

    Battlefield Blackberry Jam is delicious–packed with berry flavor and not too sweet. Love it, thanks!

  330. Mary Jantzen

    Mrs. Bug’s overnight parritch, I am not exactly a morning person but I do like a yummy breakfast so this one is perfect for me (and my kids like it too!)

  331. cooperbeth37

    Mrs. Bug’s Buttermilk Drop Biscuits from The Fiery Cross sounds so yummy!!!

  332. tamandjohn

    Brianna’s Matchstick (Cold Oil) French Fries
    And Mrs. Bug’s drop buttermilk biscuits. Butter and honey mana from heaven

  333. chantal

    My parents gave me a lot of apples from their own trees. So tomorrow they’ll become Governor Tyron’s Humble Crumble Apple Pie.
    But first, I’ve to translate those ‘strange’ measurements into ‘normal’ measurements. Cups to grams and Fahrenheit to Celsius.
    I’ll let you know if it all works out.

  334. Heather I

    Ye told me to try Mrs. Bug’s Cinnamon Toast due to my no cooking requirement. I did. They were delightful. Thank ye kindly.

  335. Kate Statz

    I’m a new fan of yours. Thank you for all you do!

  336. Mary I

    Only one recipe? That’s tough. I love the bridies, and this summer I smoked some eggs (much to my husband’s dismay), they were yummy. I have made strawberry, and rhubarb bounces (next year I want to try them together). Right now I have a half gallon of wild Alaskan blueberry bounce that is mellowing in to shear heaven. I want to drink it when Outlander airs. I love your recipes, thanks you.

  337. Donna Staby

    Bridies…and more bridies. My husband’s favorite is the Slippery Nipple Your blog is such a friendly bright spot!

  338. Mona McManus

    A pitcher of Mamacita’s Mulled Sangria is perfect year round!!

  339. Gelabert Heather

    I love the cherry bounce, great Christmas gifting idea!

  340. Elyse

    Brianna’s Bridies!

  341. Deb Ford

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  342. Maria Guzzo

    I can’t wait to try my cherry bounce that’s brewing in the basement!!!
    I love OK!!

  343. Denise Duvall

    My favourite recipe is Battlefield Blackberry Jam from The Fiery Cross, which I make from our wild berries, followed closely by The Steak and Mushroom pie, which my father loved.

  344. Ashleigh

    Love the mojitos!

  345. Jen s q

    Bree’s pizza!! :)

  346. Karyn L

    So many I need to try… but would like to make some Salted Butterscotch Shortbread for sure!

  347. Susie K

    Hi Theresa! I admire your inspired creativity and have the best time checking in with other Outlander fans. I’ve tried the salted butterscotch shortbread, bangers and mash, shepherds pie, and sangria recipes. Of course my cherry bounce is in the cupboard waiting for us!

  348. Connie Huffstutler-Owen

    Can’t wait to try the new Bounce!! Sounds so refreshing & I love mojitos!! My favorite recipe is Stephen Bonnet’s balls. Right now restarting “Outlander” in the book, and listening to “Dragonfly in Amber” on audio book. The new MOBY can’t come soon enough. Love OK, and everything that comes out of it; always interesting and timely!!

  349. Stacey Dimopoulos

    Stephen Bonnet’s Chocolate Balls … because the name names me snicker!

  350. Angie

    Hot Chocolate with La Dame Blanche… :)

  351. katherine Smeraglia

    I like making the Gypsy Stew.
    I make it so often that my kids call it Mommys BOOK stew….
    I have made a few other recepies, which have all turned out great…keep up the great work you do!

  352. Leann

    They all look so good! I think Jem’s Mickey Mouse Pancakes are on the menu this week for my wee ones though!

  353. kim stuart puhrmann

    I currently have my first batch of cherry bounce in the making. It will be ready just in time for Hogmanay

  354. Bookworm


    I’m new to the blog so I have yet to try some of the wonderful recipes but I’m planing to try some for this Thanksgiving. PROMISE! The first one will be Murtagh’s Gift to Ellen. I think my family will find it not just good looking food but tasty as well :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  355. Peggy

    My guys LOVE Mrs. Bug’s drop biscuits, split and buttered. I always double the recipe and use my largest cast iron skillet.

  356. Melinda Bennett

    Love Fiona’s Ginger Nut Biscuits!!!

  357. Lisha Denis

    I started my Cherry and Raspberry Bounce back in August and they are coming along nicely. My favorite OK recipe is Shepherd’s Pie from An Echo in the Bone — that always reminds me of home.

  358. Pernice P

    The Fiona’s cinnamon scone recipe.. Latest one I made:

  359. Jacqui

    So many favorites to choose from!
    Most recently made the Buttered Eggs, my husband’s favorite.
    Boiling eggs now to make another house favorite, Scotch Eggs.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Here’s to many more to come! :)

  360. Nancy Martin

    Cherry Bounce for sure!

  361. Dawna Lockhart

    My favourite recipe has to be the only one I’ve tried so far, Cherry Bounce. I started it back in July and tonight is testing night. It’s such a dark red that light barely passes through the jug when held up to the window. I’m re-reading the books for the umpteenth time. Decided for kicks to make a list of food as I started DIA. I’m halfway and what a list it is! Mmmm, fried tripe with onions!

  362. Erin

    I was hoping mine posted but I don’t see it. I said the bridies!! And I canny wait to try Stephen Bonnet’s salty chocolate balls!! Love your site!

  363. Elaine

    I don’t have a favorite, at least not yet! I’ve only just found out about you today! But I’m sure I will find lots of favorites as I explore the site!

  364. Gayle Morell

    I’m still a big fan of the Shepard’s Pie recipe. Once a favorite…always a favorite!!

  365. Lisa Dale Thomas

    Scotch eggs! And I’m borrowing shamelessly from your recipe index for my Outlander Book Discussion Group gathering as well as my Outlander viewing party! Woo hoo! Let the fun begin!

  366. Heather

    Mmm…Salted Butterscotch Shortbread from DOA. Shortbread is my favorite!

  367. Linda Pitchford

    I was hesitant to enter the contest because I don’t get to cook very often. But, when I cook…I BAKE!!! and so, is have to say that my favorite OK recipe is Fiona’s cinnamon scones. I love them, not only because I how delicious they are, but because is how my kitchen smells when I make them! (However, I think my son prefers Mrs Graham’s chocolate biscuits. Because hey, he’s a guy and hey, they’re chocolate cookies!).

  368. Obava (@Obava)

    Who can pick just one?? Can’t wait for the cookbook to come out :D