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Chicken in the Heather with Cauliflower, Whisky & Cheese - Outlander on STARZ Episode 113

At the end of the last episode, there was trouble in the parlour, and I'm not talking about another cat fight between Claire and Jenny. No my dearies, it seems The Black Watch has come to Lallybroch, and our hero a wanted man without his pardon...what are the Frasers and Murrays to do?

Host their unwelcome guests to dinner, of course!

While looking for inspiration for this week, I found a couple of recipes on Rampant Scotland with flavours that caught my eye. Although probably from the mid-20th Century, almost all of the ingredients (or variations thereof) were available in Jenny's pantry at Lallybroch.

The recipes were rather old-fashioned, though. Sometimes, as in the case of Scotch Broth, a 200 YO recipe needs no updating at all. But most of the time, even recipes from the middle of the last century need a little help to fit into our lives here in the 21st.


I can't help but think of the Game of Throne dragons every time I look at this pic -- although they'd probably have trouble getting off the ground with breasts that big -- but I digress.

I have great intentions of doing a few "in the kitchen" videos, but I haven't found the time yet. One of the first will be how to cut up a chicken, which takes less than 5 minutes once you've had some practice. It's cheaper than buying chicken pieces, and it leaves you with the backbone so you can make a big pot of homemade stock.

The only thing I forgot to do for my picture above was cut off the wing tips, which I keep to throw into the stock pot.

Here's a video from the NY Times that does the job almost the same way I do:

If you're making these for a pre-show dinner on Saturday night, the best plan is to start the chicken first. Get it into the oven, then move on to the cauliflower, which takes about 15 minutes less cooking time.

Once both dishes are out of the oven, let them rest for 10-15 minutes before you serve. That resting time gives the sauces a chance to thicken and settle so that it's easier to dish them up at the table.

cauliflower whisky cheese

The mushrooms and whisky added to what is basically a classic cauliflower cheese lend a complex earthiness to the dish that both My Englishman and I really loved. Wild mushrooms would add even more flavour than the buttons I used.

The red pepper is admittedly anachronistic, but the dish desperately needed some I went for it.

Perhaps not as brave as how far Tobias went for it last week, but we all have to work within our own comfort levels.

Chicken in the Heather

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