Outlander Kitchen's Open Bar

Open Bar for Outlander on STARZ Episode S1E16

I'll be honest. Between Wentworth and the five-week renovation my Outlander Kitchen is still undergoing, I couldn't come up with a NEW recipe this week.

In fact, I'm tempted to compare living through a renovation to Wentworth, but we know where that's bound to send me (at least in the minds of a few...)


Instead, we'll drink (again)! For episode 116 - the toughest TV most of us will ever watch (certainly willingly) - OK is hosting an open bar. What's your drink of choice?

A beer? Sure! I went out and picked up a few local favourites with a Scottish theme. There's an Angry Scotch Ale, or an oatmeal stout, depending on your mood. The oatmeal stout is what I've got in my gorgeous Outlander ale glass, available at the Outlander Store.

Also local is my choice to stand in for Colum's Rhenish. Mine is the stellar Blanc de Noir from Sea Star Vineyards right here on Pender Island. I could drink it everyday, just like Colum!

Next up, of course, is the single malt. This bottle of Cardhu is a new one for us, and that's what I'll personally drinking on the big night. Many of you will still have some Drambuie left from last week, which goes down very smoothly on it's own.

Lavender Fudge

Any good bar always serves at least a few snacks...and Outlander Kitchen is no exception. My nibble of choice this week is, I think, fitting: Black Jack Randall's Lavender Fudge.

And with that, all there is left to say is Slàinte...and maybe Bottom's Up.