Banoffee Trifle from the Outlander Kitchen Cookbook

Calling All Would-Be Outlander Kitchen Recipe Testers!

Over a bowl of Succotash two weeks ago, I told you that very soon I would be asking for applications from those of you who are interested in being 1 of 10 Outlander Kitchen Recipe Testers for the upcoming cookbook.

...I'm back to tell you the time has come!

Ulysses's Syllabub from TFC

I'm asking potential testers to commit to testing 2 recipes per week for 6 weeks. THAT'S A LOT OF WORK, especially when you consider grocery shopping, cleanup, and filling out the feedback form for each recipe.

Please make sure you think about whether you can really afford the time (and expense) before you convince yourself this is something you want to do. I'm asking a lot from you -- trust me, I know -- so I need to pick a team that can get this done with me in the short time that we have.

None of the above means that you have to be a near-professional chef with a fully equipped kitchen. I have a recently renovated kitchen now, but remember my kitchen for the last 12 years here on Pender was the one you see below. I've catered for hundreds in this 10 foot kitchen, and also raised and baked Outlander Kitchen using a $375 Kenmore oven, a second hand fridge and the loudest dishwasher in the world. You don't need a shiny, expensive kitchen to cook delicious food.

The Old Outlander Kitchen

The Old Outlander Kitchen

I'm looking for cooks of all levels with different types and variety of equipment. Dietary restrictions and choices don't preclude you from being selected either -- it would be nice to have a vegetarian, for example, to test the veg mains.

BUT MOST OF ALL, I'm looking for a team of people that have time and energy to spare from September 7 to October 19, 2015. Life happens, so I'll also choose 2 "alternates" that can take over from someone in case of an emergency.

Rolls with Pigeon & Truffles

Rolls with Pigeon & Truffles

In exchange for your hard work, your name will appear in, and you will receive a signed copy of, the Outlander Kitchen cookbook. There is no payment for testing services, nor reimbursement for ingredients/expenses.

Find more information and fill out the form here. You must have, or apply for, a Google sign-in to access the form. APPLICATIONS VIA COMMENTS BELOW, EMAIL OR FACEBOOK WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Thank you to everyone who applies! Due to the number of anticipated responses, only those selected, as well as the 2 alternates in case of emergency, will receive a reply.

The deadline for applications is Monday, August 24, 2015 at 12 noon, Pacific Time.