The Outlander Kitchen Recipe Testers

"I volunteer as Tribute!"

"I want to be an OK recipe tester!" was a call I heard 432 times last week.

I am overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and enthusiasm -- seriously -- I did not expect a response like this.

As you can imagine, sorting through all of those applications took quite some time, even with a big bunch assistance from Google Spreadsheets to sort, stack and collate the submissions every which way. I finally sent the emails out this morning - only a day later than I had planned - which is a bit of a miracle given the volume of amazing profiles and personal kitchen stories I was privileged to read and linger over this week.

I know I will leave some people very disappointed for not having been chosen. You threw your all into those applications, and I read every one. I am touched to my core by your passion, loyalty, support and plain old love for Outlander Kitchen. I can feel you gathered around our virtual hearth, even now as I sit in my office, alone, staring out at the trees as my fingers tap away, talking to you.

I wish I could use everybody, but recipe testing is a very large task that I have to keep somewhat manageable. I have chosen ten fans to test the new recipes for the cookbook, as well as a few from the blog that I changed significantly for the book, so they'll need testing too.

Outlander Kitchen recipe tester pastry

If you're feeling down that you didn't get chosen, please know this:

It wasn't personal. I received applications from long-time friends and brand-new fans, and I had to delete the vast majority of them all. Most of the deletions were somewhat random from my perspective, especially at the beginning of the process. It's very hard to cull a list of 400+ down to 10...sure, I had a system...but it still seemed unfair to be deleting all these people I had never even met!

(Unless you corrected my grammar on your application...then the deletion was easy. I am defender of English at the best of times, but I will tell you that if you want to be considered for something, don't correct the final arbiter's typos -- an online-life strategy I thought I'd pass along, in this age of grammar hyper correctness).


The list that remains is a diverse group of cooks from all over North America, with different skill levels, equipment inventories and variable access to ingredients. I chose a vegetarian, a gluten-free tester with a gluten-eating family, a trained chef or two, as well as a beginner. A few of the testers have been around OK for a long time, commenting regularly for years, unknowingly supporting me with kind words when I needed them most.

Others are new to the OK hearth, but something about their application caught my eye, or they filled a space in the demographic profile I was looking for. Someone is on the list because their response, while thorough, was very to the point - almost scientific - and I found their brevity after hours of combing over applications refreshing at the time.

Outlander kitchen recipe testers

I had an amazing list to choose from. Thank you all so very much. I'm incredibly pleased with the group I've chosen, and excited to get things underway! Here they are, in no particular order. If one of these names looks like you, check your Inbox; you've got mail.

  • Lee Ann M. - Louisiana
  • Darcy G. - Virginia
  • Helen B. - Arkansas
  • Jan A. - Hawaii
  • Anna L. - North Carolina
  • Rhiannon M. - Ontario
  • Jennifer B. - British Columbia
  • Becky I. - Michigan
  • Jason D. & Jen H. - Illinois
  • Bri B. - Tennessee
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27 Aug 2015 - 7:03pm


Very cool to have so many helpers. I know you're done with this process but if you want or need an ear on gluten free versions or suggestions please feel free to bend mine. I'm no longer blogging, writing original recipes or testing for other gf friends, but as a past chef and gluten free coach, I know a few tricks. I do hope you will include gf options in your recipes. There are tons of us who are both Outlander fans and have to live gluten free. Cheers!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:05pm

Penny Reid

This is exciting. I would have loved to be a tester, but didn't even apply, as I'm going to be on vacation for a large part of the testing time frame. But it sounds like so much fun! I know it's hard, hard work, too -- but the results will be so worth it. Thanks for doing this!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:08pm


Congratulations! Bummed I wasn't picked... but will be anxiously awaiting the cookbook. Have fun!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:13pm

Angie S

Congratulations to all who were chosen! Enjoy!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:14pm

Sandie Russo

Congrats to all the testers!! :) Happy cooking!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:24pm


Hi Theresa, I didn't realize how much I wanted to be chosen to be one of the testers. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of the process and hope I wasn't one to edit you! ms.yoshimi

27 Aug 2015 - 7:29pm

Karen Whitelock

Your reasons for choosing the ten were just great. Reminded me that once I got a job, a very good job, because I was the only candidate able to answer the question "who is the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta". Answer the questions folks, you just never know!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:32pm


Well done you! I applied but knew you would be swamped with excellent applications. Good tip about the grammar. I look forward to using more of your recipes in the future. Best of luck on this new phase of your exciting project!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:35pm

Terri Rostad

Congratulations to those chosen. Will look forward to getting the cookbook. Enjoy.

27 Aug 2015 - 7:37pm

Mary Morgan

Congratulations to those chosen! All the best and have fun! :)

27 Aug 2015 - 7:48pm

Jorie Allen

Have fun all and I can't wait for the cookbook so I can do my own tasting!

27 Aug 2015 - 7:51pm


I can't even imagine the work it took to cull the choices. It would have been exciting to have made the pick but I am glad you had an excellent response. I cannot wait for the book to hit the press and be available for us to get our hands on (hopefully an autographed copy, too). Congratulations and happy cooking to the chosen!!

27 Aug 2015 - 8:00pm

Anna Lapping

Holy Crap! I made it! I have goose bumps. Thanks!

Anna Lapping

My family is already lining up to be tasters! This will be fun!

27 Aug 2015 - 8:00pm

Lynn Williams

That is so awesome,a great response.Cant wait to see the results.Prayers

27 Aug 2015 - 8:05pm

Lynn Eyermann

I too did not apply as I will be out of the country smack-dab in the middle of your timeline Theresa! I am excited for those who are "The Chosen Few" as well as eagerly awaiting this fabulous cookbook!! Cheers!

27 Aug 2015 - 8:21pm

Lois Scozzari

Congratulations to the chosen! Cannot wait for the COOK BOOK! I love the website - photos - all of it. I will still be making the recipes for family and friends.

27 Aug 2015 - 9:16pm

Becky Inbody

So excited to be a tester. I feel like I won the lottery!

Anna Lapping

Me too, Becky! Nice to meet you and we're going to have an interesting Autumn!

Jan Anderson

Me too Becky and Anna! Great to make your acquaintance. :-)


We can't wait to get started! Our first Anniversary is Sept 8th, so we're going to spend it testing a recipe before I have to leave town for work for a few days.

27 Aug 2015 - 9:31pm

Amy Pritchett

Thanks for the gracious post - sounds like a hard job, but your new cookbook will be helped by having motivated testers. How great is that!?! I know we'll all be eager to see the results.

27 Aug 2015 - 9:36pm


Wow, I'm amazed you got that done so quickly....that was a lot of applications to go through. Looking forward to whatever bits of news we get during the process. Cook well, ladies and cook quickly! We out here want to get our hands on that cookbook. :)

27 Aug 2015 - 9:37pm

Deb Williams

Well I may have missed out on being a gluten free OK Tester. But I am happy to volunteer to be a GF OK Taster. Anyone else want to be a taster the queue starts behind me.

27 Aug 2015 - 9:54pm


I'm disappointed I was not chosen. If you need an alternate, I'm available! I'm in Florida/California.

27 Aug 2015 - 9:55pm

Pat Varner

I'm crushed I didn't get selected but it won't stop me making those recipe and awaiting for the publication of the book. I know it was just a shot in the dark. Congrats to all who have been selected. Many of us non selectees are soooooo jealous. Well done.

27 Aug 2015 - 10:42pm


I am green with envy! Have fun testing the recipes and enjoy the experience! I look forward to seeing the final results in print.

27 Aug 2015 - 11:01pm


I understand what a huge task you had, but, may I ask why you passed over the entirety of the western US?

27 Aug 2015 - 11:05pm


I am so incredibly excited and I can't wait to get started!! *happy dance*

27 Aug 2015 - 11:12pm

Peggy Kelly

Thanks so much for even opening the tester application process at all. Wow! What a response. I'm so looking forward to the final results.

27 Aug 2015 - 11:25pm

Heidi Oracion

This will be great when your cookbook is complete. Hope everyone has fun enjoyable time with it???

27 Aug 2015 - 11:57pm

Kerri Basten

Theresa, I have enjoyed your posts since before the series came out & have tried many of your recipes (with fabulous results, according to my grateful family). I am one of those whose upcoming travel & work schedule didn't permit applying but it's wonderful that you offered the opportunity. All you lucky applicants have fun & I SO look forward to the end result!

28 Aug 2015 - 3:56am

Jan Anderson

Beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity and privilege of being part of the process. I squeeeeeed when I saw my name :-) !! Then I had to quickly check my email to make sure it was really me haha. So looking forward to the are my hubby & friends. Mahalo plenty Theresa! Let the cooking commence!

28 Aug 2015 - 4:38am


Have fun everyone! What a way to start September and I'm looking forward to reading the updates!

28 Aug 2015 - 5:48am

Anne E

Congratulations to all the OK testers! cat wait until the book comes out; will be one of the first in line to order it.

28 Aug 2015 - 12:47pm

Mindy Reed

As soon as you mentioned someone commenting regularly for years I thought of Helen B.!! Congrats to you all!

28 Aug 2015 - 1:20pm

Jennifer Privee

Can't wait to see the finished product! I'll be able to be a tester of all the recipes!! Good luck! I'm very much looking forward to getting the cookbook! (One tiny part of me is relieved I wasn't chosen...I have a very BAD habit of using recipes as guidelines and I don't often measure anything! You must have had a suspicion when seeing my entry!!! I did promise myself I would follow the rules, however!) Good choices! Happiness to all!

28 Aug 2015 - 4:07pm

Pat Palmer

Best of luck. I thank you for saying you read all our applications! I look so forward to buying a copy of this book!

28 Aug 2015 - 4:25pm

Jeanne Earley

Congratulations to all of the testers and of course Theresa, I'm sure the book will be a smashing success! Slainte Mhath!

30 Aug 2015 - 7:09am


This will be fun to hear the results of your testing group and delighted you reached out to your followers to help you along . It's a bold and novel idea and like the premise. Will be looking forward to picking up a copy of your cook book once it hits the shelves. Best of luck! Cheers... JAMIE

19 Sep 2015 - 4:40pm


Cheers to the winners! Can't wait for the cookbook. Enjoying my Cherry Bounce.

23 Sep 2015 - 12:01pm

Outlander Kit…

the middle of recipe testing right now the photos you see here were taken by a few of the ten OK testers in their first three weeks of testing the new dishes Im happy to report (and you can

29 Sep 2015 - 2:12pm

Mary Lee Taylor

Congrats to all the chosen testers! How exciting for each of you! Looking forward to the amazing cookbook you will all be a part of!

23 Nov 2015 - 11:36pm


Well good grief!! How did I just discover your site?!?!? I have been compiling a list of recipes for my season 2 premiere party and stumbled across your blog. I'm seriously bummed that I could not apply for this honor, but I will certainly preorder your book. My Scottish roots will thank ye!

06 Jan 2016 - 11:39am


I recently discovered your site and did my own personal testing of the potato fritters. Turned out wonderfully--devoured by 20-something children (age, not number) and 1 cat. It may be too late, but are any of the testers at high altitude? Professionally I've dealt with a number of problems with products in Denver, Mexico City, etc.


Welcome, JJ! The testing is complete, but I thank you for your offer.

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