Lemon-Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam Buttercream from The Scottish Prisoner

Lemon-Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam Buttercream from The Scottish Prisoner

I CALLED HIM a murderer.

That was the thought in his mind when he woke an hour later. I called him a murderer, he called me a sodomite...and yet it's Fraser he called out. Why?

Because Fraser accused him, point-blank and publicly, or treason. He had to challenge that; he couldn't let the statement stand. An accusation of murder might be mere insult, but not an accusation of treason. And particularly not if there was any truth in it.

Of course. He'd known that, really. What he didn't know was what had possessed Fraser to make the accusation now, and in such a public manner.

He got up, used the pot, then splashed water from the ewer over his face and, tilting the pitcher, drank most of the rest. It was nearly evening; his room was growing dark, and he could smell the luscious scents of tea preparing downstairs; fried sardines, fresh buttered crumpets, lemon sponge, cucumber sandwiches, sliced ham. He swallowed, suddenly ravenous.

He can't have done it for me. The thought carried some regret; he wished it were true. But he was a realist enough to know that Fraser wouldn't have gone to such lengths merely to distract attention from Twelvetree's accusation of sodomy, no matter what he personally thought of Grey at the moment - and Grey didn't even know that.

The Scottish Prisoner, chapter 30, "Particular Friends"

Lemon poppyseed cupcakes

The love that lies between James Fraser and John Grey may not be reciprocated romantic love, but it is filled with the respect, loyalty and affection of a decades-old friendship between two men who, despite their different political and sexual orientations, would lay down their lives for each other.

A love worthy of a Valentine's celebration in any century.

Outlander Kitchen Cookbook

These cupcakes combine a traditional English sponge (in cupcake form) with a sweet, fruity buttercream made from Fraser Strawberry Jam, one of 50+ new recipes coming in the Outlander Kitchen cookbook by yours truly, and published by Delacorte Press of the Random House Group.

See the jam in the tarts on the cover?!

Although currently available for pre-order online, the cookbook's release date is in June, so use another jam for now if you want to make a batch of these sweet cakes in time for Valentine's Day.

Lemon poppyseed cupcakes With strawberry jam buttercream