Chicken Wings Provençal for Outlander on Starz S2E3

Master Raymond's Frogs Legs - Chicken Wings Provençal S2E3

For Master Raymond resembled nothing so, much as a large, genial frog. A touch over four feet tall, barrel-chested and bandy-legged, he had the thick, clammy skin of a swamp dweller, and slightly bulbous, friendly black eyes. Aside from the minor fact that he wasn’t green, all he lacked was warts.

"Madonna!” he said, beaming expansively. “What may I have the pleasure of doing for you?” He lacked teeth altogether, enhancing the froggy impression still more, and I stared at him in fascination.

"Madonna?” he said, peering up at me questioningly.

Snapped abruptly to a realization of how rudely I had been staring, I blushed and said without thinking, “I was just wondering whether you’d ever been kissed by a beautiful young girl.” I went still redder as he shouted with laughter. With a broad grin, he said “Many times, madonna. But alas, it does not help. As you see. Ribbit.”

Dragonfly in Amber, chapter 8, "Unlaid Ghosts and Crocodiles"

Master Raymond

Inspired casting that had this Outlander smiling like a loon for every second of Master Raymond's first appearance in episode 2! Master Raymond has been my favourite minor character since my first reading of Outlander over a dozen years ago, and I can't wait to see more from the great Dominique Pinon.

Consider my passion for Master Grenouille if you think this recipe is a bit of a stretch - I expect it will require an amphibian-sized leap of faith from some - I attempted to find some frogs' legs so I could do THE REAL THING, but, alas, I came up legless.

I doubt many of you will mourn the lack of legs, and I'm pretty sure most will agree that a big plate of chicken wings is tasty fodder for TV viewing. I've taken a classic receipt for frogs' legs from Provence using butter, garlic, lemon, and parsley, and morphed it into an easy, and spectacularly delicious, wing recipe.

No dip required.

Chicken Wings Provençal

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