Tattie Scones Potato Scone from Outlander Kitchen

(Tattie) Potato Scones - Outlander on Starz S2E9

Hey there! I'm back after a 2 week stint as a truant blogger, I'm happy to report I've got a recipe for the Fraser's return to Scotland. I'm a bit late, as Rabbie dug the first potato out of the kail yard last weekend, but you won't hold that against me, will ye?

I hope not, especially since I've got warm potato, aka tattie, scones for you to munch on during episode 209, coming up this week.

potato scones

Photo Courtesy of Starz

Although not quite as easy as Fergus's suggestion to boil them and serve them with salt, tattie scones are a simple recipe that are traditionally made from leftover potatoes, ("usually just after the midday meal, when still warm," according to F. Marian McNeill in The Scots Kitchen).

Potato scones are not specifically mentioned in Outlander or any of the subsequent books, but they are a Scottish staple, (and an Irish one before that), that came about when the Scots adopted potatoes into their gardens in the mid and late 18th Century.

Tattie Scone

They are delicious at breakfast, spread with extra butter and served with eggs, bacon and beans. Or spread them with cream cheese, dill, and a few slices of lox or smoked salmon for a new-world brunch steeped in Scottish tradition.

And although potato scones are more of a flat bread than their flaky cousins usually served at tea, they are just as delicious with butter and jam, and also make a lovely accompaniment to a steaming bowl of soup on a cold day.

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