Negus port punch from Outlander Kitchen

Negus - 18th Century Port Punch

The year's end is upon us, the smell of wood smoke in the air, and hopefully, after you read this post, you'll soon have a soul-warming pot of Negus simmering on the stove.

Negus is an early-eighteenth century port punch flavored with lemon, sugar and aromatics. Claire is served an iced version in Written in my Own Heart’s Blood; served hot, it makes a deliciously sweet libation perfect for the holiday season.

Slàinte Mhath!

If you prefer, print an image-free, b&w version of the recipe here.

Printable Negus Recipe

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06 Dec 2016 - 2:38pm


Yum! Thanks for sharing - I can't wait to try it!

06 Dec 2016 - 4:17pm


Thank you so much!

06 Dec 2016 - 4:37pm

Anna Lapping

I have port on my shopping list!

06 Dec 2016 - 5:03pm


Perfect for the holidays -- and in hot summer time too!

06 Dec 2016 - 11:46pm


Thank you Theresa for this recipe. Is there any other liquor you would suggest instead of Port? Just asking. Happy Holidays, Helen in Ark

07 Dec 2016 - 8:35pm


Would a chocolate port work??

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