Peppery Oyster Stew from Voyager, Book 3 of the Outlander Series

Peppery Oyster Stew for Outlander on Starz S3E6 “A. Malcolm”

“Sawney’s what they say in the Highlands,” he informed me. “And in the Isles, too. Sandy’s more what ye’d hear in the Lowlands—or from an ignorant Sassenach.” He lifted one eyebrow at me, smiling, and raised a spoonful of the rich, fragrant stew to his mouth.

“All right,” I said. “I suppose more to the point, though—who am I?”

He had noticed, after all. I felt one large foot nudge mine, and he smiled at me over the rim of his cup.

“You’re my wife, Sassenach,” he said gruffly. “Always. No matter who I may be—you’re my wife.”

I could feel the flush of pleasure in my face, and see the memories of the night before reflected in his own. The tips of his ears were faintly pink.

“You don’t suppose there’s too much pepper in this stew?” I asked, swallowing another spoonful. “Are you sure, Jamie?” “Aye,” he said.

“Aye, I’m sure,” he amended, “and no, the pepper’s fine. I like a wee bit of pepper.” The foot moved slightly against mine, the toe of his shoe barely brushing my ankle.

Voyager, chapter 27, “Up in Flames”

It’s hard to believe the kiss is almost here! Many of us have been waiting decades to see this on screen, and our excitement is getting out of control! This week’s featured recipe definitely matches the mood...

Peppery oyster stew

Oysters and black pepper have been considered aphrodisiacs by myth and legend for thousands of years.

Recently, science has found that rare amino acids found in bivalves, including oysters, trigger increased levels of sex hormones. And piperine, the compound responsible for the pungency of black pepper, has been shown to increase blood flow throughout the body, providing an above-table, socially acceptable explanation for Claire’s flushed face and Jamie’s pink ears.

This recipe is written by Lori Zachary, my first and dearest friend to come from my Outlandish food obsession. Also a trained chef, Lori hails from Louisiana, near the Gulf coast, celebrated historically as one of the best sources for oysters in America.

The recipe for Peppery Oyster Stew is in Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook, available from online and brick-and-mortar bookstores everywhere.

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