Poll Results: Which Outlander Food Will You Refuse to Eat?

The poll is now closed and the results are tallied!  We had 161 votes this time (thanks all!), and it was definitely a 2 food race:

  1. 74 votes – King Louis’s nest of baby nightingales – (Chap 9) Dragonfly in Amber
  2. 60 votes – Headcheese made using the translated instructions from the Muellers. Possible ptomaine poisoning – (Chap 22) The Fiery Cross
  3. 15 votes – Ian’s Barley Crowdie that looked like a cupful of drowned maggots- (Chap 23) Drums of Autumn
  4. 12 votes – Claire’s Homemade Blood Sausage – (Chap 71) A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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Poll: Which Outlander Dish Will You Refuse to Eat?

Here’s the situation:

You are at the hands of Black Jack Randall.  He has agreed to release you, but first you must consume a selection of some of the more challenging foods from the Outlander series.  Because he is a gentleman (whatever), he only demands that you eat 3 out of the 4 foods listed below.

So, the question in this game of 18th Century Fear Factor is, which of the foods listed below do you think is MORE disgusting than the others?

Which Outlander dish will you refuse to eat?

Results will be up on Thursday, Dec 1.

(If you think I’ve missed the most disgusting dish of all, let me know in the comments…)

Poll Results: Your Favourite Outlander Food Scene

The results are in…there were 104 votes, and a winner was clearly chosen:

  1. 31 votes – Murphy’s Turtle Soup – (Chap 56) Voyager
  2. 20 votes – Cock-a-Leekie Soup & Roasted Potatoes – (Chap 32) Dragonfly in Amber
  3. 19 votes – Mrs. Bug’s Maple Pudding – (Chap 64) A Breath of Snow & Ashes
  4. 16 votes – Brianna’s Bridies – (Chap 35) Drums of Autumn
  5. 12 votes – Battle BBQ – Rosamund Lindsay vs Ronnie Sinclair – (Chap 13) The Fiery Cross
  6.   5 votes – Other

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