Atholl Brose Iced Coffee inspired by Outlander

Atholl Brose Iced Coffee

Have card writing, decorating, baking and wrapping got you in a tizzy yet?

Sit yourself down by the fire and take a sip from Outlander Kitchen's newest cocktail.

Some of you are going to balk at the amount of booze I call for in one drink, and I will agree that you should definitely not be drinking these if you'll be driving before you have time for a very long sleep.

However, if you're sitting down to write a bunch of cards, or wrap a family's worth of presents at the dining room table, then load your glass with coffee ice cubes and let the drink sit a bit to melt the coffee before you start drinking in earnest...if you keep the coffee ratio fairly high, the caffeine will counteract the creamy, dreamy booze and keep you up long enough to complete your latest holiday task.

At least that's the theory.

Atholl Brose Iced Coffee Tree

Atholl Brose is a mixture of whisky, cream, honey and oat "milk" that we made to celebrate epsiode 103 of Outlander on Starz. Delicious on it's own, I've discovered over the past months that it's also tasty in coffee.

I love an iced coffee in the winter, when our wood stove is belting out enough heat for us to need a cool, refreshing drink. And if you don't have your own fire, there's always the Outlander Yule Log for atmosphere.

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