Atholl Brose from Outlander Kitchen for the Outlander TV Series

Atholl Brose - Outlander on STARZ Episode 103

We last left Claire deposited in Davie Beaton's old closet, quietly shedding a few tears while her erstwhile saviour, the tinkerer, bounced back to Inverness in his little wagon without her.

It's that last scene of Claire, left alone in the dungeon of despair, that convinced me we need ALCOHOL for Episode 3 of Outlander on STARZ: The Way Out.

Put in the same position, I'm sure most of us would welcome a liquid escape - although I think we'll put a two glass limit on the Atholl Brose - did you see the way Claire destroyed that Rhenish last Saturday?!

Be careful, lass. Lips loosened by drink generally result in some sort of mishap.

great hall - Outlander STARZ

We're headed back into the Great Hall this week, to enjoy the sounds and story stylings of Gwyllyn the Bard, storyteller extraordinaire.

I like to picture myself in each scene while I'm watching -- not in the middle of the action, mind -- but maybe perched next to one of those huge hearths, with the fire warming my back?  Give me Gwyllyn, his harp, and a wee dram of the Atholl Brose and I'd be happy as a bannock soaked in butter and honey.

soaked-oats Atholl Brose

Given that Atholl Brose is boozy, sweet and creamy, the most obvious comparison is Bailey's Irish Cream.  I don't suggest you make that comparison with a Scot in the room, though.  Atholl Brose has a long, colourful history - including the quelling of a rebellion - stretching back to 1475; Irish Cream was first available for purchase in 1974.

With a five hundred year head start, I think it's safe to give the Scots bragging rights here.

Older recipes call for raw egg whites, but I've left those out due to food-safety concerns.  Mrs. Fitz, Jenny and other 18th C keepers of chickens didn't have the salmonella and other problems that plague our modern food distribution system.

oat-milk Atholl Brose

Even after three years of Outlander Kitchen, I'm still occasionally surprised by how delicious a hundreds-year old combination of basic ingredients can be, even to my modern taste buds. This recipe is one of those surprises.

If you drink - even if you're not overly fond of whisky - you want to make this. Not one hundred percent convinced? Make a half recipe. Sip it chilled, mix it into Coke on ice. Heck, I bet it makes a damn fine Highland Coffee.

Atholl Brose is at its best when given a few days to mature in the fridge, but it's still delicious on the day it's made. If you want to be sipping on Saturday evening, leave the oats to soak overnight Friday, then mix everything together on Saturday morning and leave it in the fridge until just before the show starts.

Atholl Brose

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