Baja Fish Tacos from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Baja Fish Tacos at the Celtic Festival in DOA

"Wow!" She walked round him in a circle, goggling.  "Roger, you are gorgeous!"  She smiled, a trifle lopsided.  "My mother always said men in kilts were irresistible.  I guess she was right."

He saw her swallow hard, and wanted to hug her for her bravery, but she had already turned away, gesturing toward the main food area.

"Are you hungry?  I had a look while you were changing.  We've got our choice between octopus-on-a-stick, Baja fish tacos, Polish dogs--"

He took her arm and pulled her round to face him.

"Hey," he said softly.  "I'm sorry; I wouldn't have brought you if I'd know it would be a shock."

"It's all right."  Her smile was better this time.  "It's -- I'm glad you brought me."


"Yeah.  Really.  It's --" She waved helplessly at the tartan swirl of noise and color all around them.  It's so -- Scottish."

Drums of Autumn (Chapter 4 - A Blast from the Past)

You can say alot of things about Bree...but she's brave.

Brave to the point of stupidity -- which she pays for further down the line -- much like her sire, AND her mother for that matter.  Instinctual courage:  nature and nurture?

Probably a little bit of both. (She's got more than a little bit of Frank in her, after all.)

For now, her only decision is what to eat.  And because she's a bit distracted, I've made the choice for her.


The Baja fish tacos available in 1969 at a Celtic Festival in the mountains outside of Boston would have looked quite different than mine.  Bree and Roger would have likely munched down on some heavily battered cod laid on top of shredded iceberg lettuce, smothered with a bland mayonnaise sauce and wrapped in a cardboard-like tortilla.  I don't even want to think about the octopuses-on-sticks.

On the streets of Baja today, you're more likely to find some lightly breaded, crispy-fried white-fish fillets wrapped in a soft homemade corn tortilla, garnished with cabbage and drizzled with lime-spiked Mexican crèma.

But battering/breading fish can be verra involved and messy...and there's already lots of crunch from the cabbage, bell pepper and onion, so I took my Baja fish tacos the route of light, fresh, flavourful and fast by searing the spice-rubbed pieces quickly in an oil-brushed pan.


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04 Jun 2012 - 12:39pm

Aaron Brown

Those look delicious!!


Thanks, Aaron! Both My Englishman and I really enjoyed them!

04 Jun 2012 - 1:10pm

Stacey Reynolds

yum to fish tacos and a MacKenzie in a kilt!

04 Jun 2012 - 1:58pm


This looks yummy. Speaking of Bree being Brave.....nIs Everyone going to see the new movie ' BRAVE this coming weekend???nProbably as close as we will get to a Jamie and Claire type film anytime soon.nHelen in Ark.


That's right, Helen! Brave is out soon, isn't it? I'll definitely be taking a trip of this rock to see it in the next few weeks!

04 Jun 2012 - 2:24pm

The Mom Chef

Oh, I could eat a dozen or so of those. I like the idea of the seared fish so much more than breaded and fried. It looks divine. nnI fully expect a recipe with octopus on a stick, you know. Can't wait to see what you think. :)


I could never do that to an octopus who gave its life so I could eat it! :D

04 Jun 2012 - 5:41pm

Lior Aronoff

yum!!! i think i need to start my own taco tuesday!ni really hope this recipe makes it into the book!


mmm it's been years since i've been able to enjoy tacos and beer!!! getting my shopping list together!

04 Jun 2012 - 6:44pm


I'm on a fish taco kick so definitely will be doing this. Love men in kilts.

07 Jun 2012 - 4:58pm

Seared Tuna Ta…

find the recipe for these on my other blog. You know about that one,

22 Jun 2012 - 7:09pm


Those look really good and the cilantro in my prairie garden definitely needs pruning!

21 Jul 2012 - 4:17pm


These are a staple in our house whenever we have halibut. I usually beer-batter and fry mine. I've got a great recipe for a thick but light crust. Occasionally I make 'em without the batter or leave out the tortilla and put them on a big salad, but I almost always top with a homemade Chipotle Aioli. Yum!

16 Sep 2012 - 9:19pm

Sandie Johnson

Try with a homemade mango salsa (if you can get fresh mangos!). So good and so easy with a cabbage, vinegar slaw! YUM! YUM!

10 Mar 2013 - 3:57pm

Laurie P.

I have had a taste for fish tacos for weeks now. Went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday & was completely disappointed by some kind of thinly sliced, over-fried fillet. Now THIS is what I'm craving, and I happen to have several types of fishy goodness in the freezer..... REAL fish tacos tomorrow night! Thanks Theresa

11 Aug 2015 - 4:07am

Sandie Johnson

They look delish! I love mine with grilled white fish tangy cabbage and mango salsa!

17 Aug 2015 - 10:06pm

Nicole W.

Just made these...they were so good!!!

05 Oct 2015 - 5:05pm


I made these last night. Oh my goodness!! Sooo good!!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe, Theresa! One question: I made the corn tortillas according to the Saveur recipe. After mixing the water and masa, and flattening them, is there any cooking involved? It seemed like you just set them aside according to the recipe - unless using them for puffy tacos, which I wasn't. They seemed really doughy. I feel sheepish, if I missed a step of frying them or something. :-/ They didn't hold their shape at all, but we enjoyed a sort of Baja Fish Taco Salad. The flavors were still amazeballs!! :) Thank you!!!


Carissa, you want to heat/cook the tortillas on a hot cast iron pan for a couple of minutes each side to warm them, then wrap in a clean towel and keep warm in the oven while you prepare the fish. I'm glad you enjoyed them nonetheless!

25 Feb 2016 - 6:43pm


These are amazing. We have also made them with grilled shrimp. Delicious.

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