Renegade Rosamund's Devil's Apple Sauce Pulled Pork from The Fiery Cross

Battle Barbecue - Renegade Rosamund's Devil's Apple Sauce

"It's the tomato fruits she's using, Mac Dubh," he hissed, tugging at Jamie's sleeve and pointing at the red-crusted bowl.  "Devil's apples!  She'll poison us all!"

"Oh, I shouldna think so, Ronnie."  Jamie took a firm grip on Ronnie's arm, and smiled engagingly at Rosamund.  "Ye mean to sell the meat, I suppose, Mrs. Lindsay?  It's a poor merchant that would kill her customers, aye?"

"I ain't yet lost a one, Mr. Fraser," Rosamund agreed, turning back another sheet of burlap and leaning over to dribble sauce from a wooden ladle over a steaming haunch.  "Ain't never had but good words about the taste, neither," she said, "though a-course that would be in Boston, where I come from."

Where folk have sense, her tone clearly implied.

The Fiery Cross (Chapter 13 - Beans and Barbecue)

I'm baaaack!!!!  Did you miss me? Summer finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest, so I decided to take a week off and have a little fun in the sun.

My R&R meant an interruption to our little recreation of The Fiery Cross's Battle Barbecue.  But I'm glad for the wee break.  I'm feeling rested, refreshed and ready to conclude this epic BBQ tale with my version of Renegade Rosamund's tomato-based sauce!

While I held pretty true to the roots of Eastern North Carolina BBQ with Ronnie Sinclair's Traditional Vinegar Mop, I decided to go out on a bit of a limb with this one.  After all, I've got a little Rosie in me -- all cooks/chefs do, really -- that's why they keep making Reality TV shows in kitchens all over the world.

Knives, stress and overwhelming heat lead to drama faster than you can say "Did I just see BJR?"

rosamunds-sauce BATTLE BARBECUE

But I digress.

This recipe started with my intention to make some Lexington barbecue, from Western North Carolina, where they use tomatoes in varying proportions in their sauce...and then I reread the excerpt, where it says that Rosamund is from Boston.

So I figured, since Rosamund got around, so could my sauce.

See how easily I get off track?

I caught a savory whiff as the wind changed.  So far as I could tell from smell alone, Rosamund's sauce seemed to include tomatoes, onions, red pepper, and enough sugar to leave a thick blackish crust on the meat and a tantalizing caramel aroma in the air.

The Fiery Cross (Chapter 13 - Beans and Barbecue)

pork roast - battle barbecue

Some of you may be shocked by the cola - it certainly isn't 18th C - but then again, neither is the ketchup in this uncooked sauce.  Both up the sugar content, which leads to caramelization, which ends in a blackened crust.

The result is an easy pulled pork that is tangy, sweet and bold.

Just like Rosamund and her barbecue.  Only better...'cause it doesn't take 2 days from start to finish.


My Englishman preferred Ronnie's Vinegar Mop, while I thought this one here was the best.  Is it a case of gender stubborness?  The only way to find out is to try both for yourselves...

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