Quick Chicken and Cornmeal Stew

BTS with Outlander Kitchen 2

Hello! Here I am...just over here! <emerges from a darkened kitchen, waving furiously, with a VERY dirty apron.>

I’ve had messages from everyone in the past few weeks, from my next door neighbour to random fans concerned by my long absence. 

White’s Chocolate House Sugared Morning Bun

White’s Chocolate House Sugared Morning Buns

I assure you all is well, and there’s an excellent reason for my apparent disappearance: Outlander Kitchen 2! I’ve been working away for several months and am thrilled to announce I’m within a dozen recipes of completing over 100 new recipes for the sequel to Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook.

Ham Steak with Raisin and Mustard Sauce

Ham Steaks with Raisin and Mustard Sauce

After months of working solo, I was beyond relieved and inspired to have all eleven previous OK recipe testers agree to help me all over again. These folks volunteer for 6 weeks, eaching testing at least 20 recipes, and providing thoughtful feedback and suggested improvements from their home kitchens across North America. These are their photos that you’re seeing in this post.

Broccoli Sallet with Radishes and Vinegar

Broccoli Sallet with Radishes and Vinegar

My eternal thanks to Anna, Lee Ann, Jason and Jen, Darcy, Helen, Rhiannon, Becky, Bri, Jennifer, and Jan! From North Carolina, Ontario, to the great islands of Hawaii, all of your work helps to make Outlander Kitchen the best it can be. 

Rumm’s Tea Cakes

Rumm’s Tea Cakes

Well, it’s time to get back to typing up so more recipes! I’ll be back in a few more weeks with more photos from the testers!