Cherry Bounce inspired by Outlander book A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Cherry Bounce for the Outlander Premiere on Starz

Have you looked at the date?  Even if we don't know the exact date of the Outlander premiere on Starz, Summer 2014 less than one season away!

I think most of us are going with an August assumption, which gives us a little over 3 months. JUST enough time to put a fresh batch of Cherry Bounce together.

The first thing you'll need is a bottle of hooch. The cheaper the better -- to a point. I've made a lot of batches of Bounce in the last few years, using uber-cheap to moderately expensive whisky, and my favourite by far was the batch I made with Grant's.  It's not pricey, nor is it the me Momma Bear, cause for me, Grant's is just right.

Next up: cherries. There's no fresh ones around here for me to use at this time of year, but I have used (drained) canned sour or tart cherries in the past with great results, and frozen is always a good option too, if you can find them.

theresa bounce

You'll find the official Outander Kitchen Cherry Bounce recipe here. I took Mrs. Bug's recipe as written in A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and combined it with as much information as I could glean off of the interwebs to put it together. There are a couple of different variations, depending on the cherries you can find.

"But what if I don't like whisky?" you ask.


"You've always got choices!" I respond.

The Tropical Mango Rum Bounce I made last year was pretty amazing, especially made into Mojitos. The Blueberry Bourbon Bounce was also very good. Lots of OK fans have experimented with their own concoctions over the years, with vodka and Everclear being the most popular, and neutral, bases.

cherry bounce gelato

On premiere night, you can drink your Bounce straight, in a cocktail, as a shooter in a glass of cider (see photo at top) can even use the cherries to make an ice cream for dessert.

Whatever you decide to use to make it, start that Bounce ASAP.  You'll need it to toast the first appearance on screen of Claire and her Red Man, aye?

Sláinte, Outlanders!