Outlander on STARZ The Wedding

Cranachan – Outlander on STARZ Episode 107 - The Wedding

Can you believe we've made it? We're actually here! After months and months of waiting (decades, really, for some), The Wedding is less than 4 days away.

It looks as though some of the finer points have yet to be taken care of in the negotiations, but the horse is happily munching away on his hay, and Jamie seems more poised to make a smart-ass remark than a engage in a shout fest, so I don't think too many obstacles remain.

Except maybe a dress, a priest in a kirk, and a few days space from the MacKenzie boys while he and Claire become acquainted. But that's just a guess...

Roast Beef Feast

Outlander Kitchen has celebrated this particular wedding before, so if you're looking for something for dinner, why not cook up a Roast Beef for a Wedding Feast? It's my interpretation of the feast served upon the wedding party's return to the inn, and one of Outlander Kitchen's most popular recipes.

It also makes great sandwiches, hot or cold, with or without jus for dipping. Who's up for a roast beef sandwich in front of the TV?


For dessert, there's cranachan! A dreamy dessert of fresh raspberries, whipped cream, whisky, honey and toasted oats.

It's pretty colour, Scot's tradition, and the ease with which it comes together make it the perfect dish to end the celebration feast of Claire and James.

Originally, cranachan was made with crowdie cheese and called a crowdie cream or cream crowdie. I've chosen to go with a modern recipe which uses whipped cream, but you're welcome to substitute a batch of homemade crowdie instead. (Just note that the crowdie version will be richer and more filling, so make the servings smaller.)

Alternatively, you could blend a bit of crowdie and whipped cream together, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Jamie and Claire

There are a thousand and one ways to put cranachan together. Some versions keep all of the berries whole, layering them between thick white cream sprinkled with toasted oats. Others make a puree of the berries, while some have you soak the oats in whisky overnight.

Really, once you've gathered the ingredients, assembly is up to you. I like my version because the oats mixed into the cream give it a little body and allow it to stand in the fridge for a couple of hours without much separation.

Mixing everything together means it's also easy to dish up and garnish without too much fuss.


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