Double chocolate icebox shortbread with smoky whisky sugar from Outlander Kitchen

Double Chocolate Icebox Shortbread with Smoky Whisky Sugar

It all started with the sugar. I saw this recipe for bourbon infused sugar, and realized immediately that it had huge potential for our 21st C Outlander Kitchens, with one wee change.

Talisker and Vanilla Infused Sugar

I chose to infuse my sugar with a Talisker 1o YO - it's got a lot of smoky notes that pair very well with chocolate. Lagavulin or Laphroaig are 2 other excellent, if more costly, choices for a smoky whisky.

I can't tell you how many times I've stolen a sniff from my jar of smoky whisky sugar in the last week.  It's a very sensual experience.

smoky whisky sugar

You'll have some extra sugar, even after a couple of batches of these cookies. Here are a few suggestions...use the sugar as a garnish on these recipes:

Where will you use it?

Double Chocolate Icebox Shortbread with Smoky Whisky Sugar

This chocolate shortbread recipe comes together easily, and is a new favourite around here. Unless you've got an army around, you may want to freeze the second log for a treat two weeks down the road.

If you do have an army that includes kids, my suggestion is to top some of these beauties with crushed candy cane, so that the whole family can enjoy.

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