Frank's Sherry Tipple Cocktail inspired by Outlander

Frank's Sherry Tipple Cocktail & The Winner!

 After a peaceful and not unpleasant sit with Mrs. Baird, I made my way upstairs, to ready myself before Frank came home. I knew his limit with sherry was two glasses, so I expected him back soon.

The wind was rising, and the very air of the bedroom was prickly with electricity. I drew the brush through my hair, making the curls snap with static and spring into knots and furious tangles.

Outlander (Chapter 1 - A New Beginning)

And on that rising wind walks a ghost...

I saw on Facebook that the ghost clip has been posted online, but I decided not to watch it. I think I'm developing a bit of Daily Line Syndrome with all of these clips, and I want to save some of the magic for my first viewing.  You?

Speaking of the premiere on STARZ, Frank's Sherry Tipple cocktail is the suggested sip-along cocktail on one of my #Outlander themed menus for August 9: A Romantic Picnic for Two at Castle Leoch.

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