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Gift Ideas for Whisky Virgins – The Weekend Whisky Write-up

"He flung her down upon the sacks, and there he got her corn ground, her corn ground... ."  Roger was chanting hotly in her ear, his full weight pinning her to the ground and the stars spinning madly far above.

She'd thought his description of Ronnie as "reeking wi' lust" merely a figure of speech, but evidently not.  Bare flesh met bare flesh, and then some.  She gasped.  So did Roger.

"Oh, God," he said.  He paused, frozen for an instant against the sky above her, then sighed in an ecstasy of whisky fumes and began to move with her, humming.  It was dark, thank God, though not nearly dark enough.  The remnants of the fire cast an eerie glow over his face, and he looked for an instant the bonny big, black devil Inga had called him.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 6 - Ambush)

Whisky was in that excerpt.  Did you see it?

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As I'm fond of telling my Englishman, EVERYTHING always relates back to Outlander.

Macallan 10 YO

Bree is hardly a virgin by ABOSAA, but her distaste for whisky is still going pretty strong.  Now I don't like haters, but in this case, I can relate.  I only developed a taste for whisky fairly recently.

It started on a vacation to Scotland and has progressed from there.  I've stuck mostly to Highland single-malts, and I have to say that my palate now appreciates the distinctive differences between distilleries.  In fact, my taste is much more suited to appreciating fine whisky than it ever was to fine wine.  And me a classically trained chef.  Mmphmm.

If someone is asking you for gift ideas for Christmas, a new single malt is a fun idea (although it can be on the top end of people's price range).  But unless you're one who loves powerful, smoky flavours, I recommend avoiding peaty whiskys at the beginning.  Here's a few of the more "accessible" single malts that I have tasted myself over the past couple of years.


First up is the single-malt that made me decide I could like whisky after all: Glenmorangie Original. My Englishman bought a bottle to warm up my tastebuds before we hit the Highlands on Holidays.  A 10 year-old single malt aged in American white oak casks, it's a smooth, sweet whisky with very distinct fruit notes, which makes it a good first taste for "virgins."


Bunnahabhain 12 YO:  The first thing you notice is the subtle whiff of smoke coming from the bottle top.  On the tongue, Bunnahabhain is nutty and sweet.  A rich, full-bodied single malt that is adored by a wide spectrum of whisky enthusiasts.


The Dalmore Distillery has been distilling fine whisky since 1839 and, for almost a century, was owned by the Clan Mackenzie. If you want a whisky with a definite Outlander connection (and a really pretty bottle adorned with the MacKenzie Clan's stag), The Dalmore is your best pick.  Slightly sweet and a light introduction to peat, The Dalmore 12YO is full of fruit flavour and has a warm, rich finish.

bookclub-whisky virgins

Lastly is the Glen Garioch 12 YO, which was a big hit with my book club when we met to discuss Outlander at the local campground this summer.

GG is matured in American Bourbon casks, and finished in those of  Spanish Sherry.  Bourbon softens while the Sherry adds depth of flavour.  As with the other choices in my list, GG is smooth, a little sweet, and very light on peat.


That brings the last OK post of 2012 to an end!  I'm taking a wee break over Christmas to visit with friends and family, as well as to recharge my creative batteries.

All that's left it to wish you all a Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr!  (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)