Herb and Pumpkin Seed Oatcakes

Herb & Pumpkin Seed Oatcakes

I looked in the opposite direction, toward the next table, where Dougal MacKenzie sat, apart from Colum for once.  A bloody Viking, that one.  With his impressive height and those broad, flat cheekbones, I could easily imagine him in command of a dragon ship, deepsunk eyes gleaming with avarice and lust as he peered through the fog at some rocky coastal village.

A large hand, wrist lightly haired with copper, reached past me to take a small loaf of oat-bread from the tray.  Another Norseman, Jamie.  He reminded me of Mrs. Baird's legends of the race of giants who once walked Scotland and laid their long bones in the earth of the north.

Outlander (Chapter 24 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs)

The MacKenzie family and I share some common Viking ancestry.  I can't say it shows as obviously in my physical form, although my eyes are definitely blue like Jamie's.  I'm also rather pale.

And just what does that have to do with oatcakes, you may ask?


Well, I'm headed off on a little trip --  a family reunion, actually -- to Denmark.  And while I'm over the moon to be headed off on another adventure, I'm not looking forward to the food on the plane.  After last time, I swore I would never let airline food pass my lips again.

Which means that I've been doing some meal planning, as well as packing.   I made a killer lemon loaf that I'm still bragging about to anyone who will listen.  I packaged up some unsalted cashews, bought some Boursin cheese and chorizo.  I also made a batch of oatcakes.


When we were in Scotland this May, I discovered the only oatcakes I've ever eaten with any gusto.  Traditional oatcakes are OK, but I wouldn't step on an old lady's toes to get the last one.

However, if there's a few Herb & Pumpkin Seed Oatcakes hanging around, I'd mind your granny.

I couldn't find these Nairn ones anywhere nearby when we got home, so I created a recipe from the ingredients I found on the side of the box.  They're a little nutty, a touch herby, and very delicious with cheese and jam, butter and honey, or all by themselves.

(Looking for the oat bread mentioned in the excerpt?  Try this recipe from Voyager.)

oatcakes unbaked

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