Jamie's Grilled Cheese from The Scottish Prisoner

Jamie's Grilled Cheese from The Scottish Prisoner

Breakfast was even more cursory than supper had been, though Jamie toasted two pieces of bread with cheese between, so that the cheese melted, something Grey hadn't seen before but thought very tasty.  Quinn mounted up without comment afterward and headed back to the road.

Grey sat on a moss-covered rock, watching until the Irishman had got well away, then swiveled back to face Fraser, who was tidily rolling up a pair of stocking into a ball.

"I woke up last night," he said without preamble.

Fraser stuffed the stocking into his portmanteau and reached for the heel of bread, which followed the stockings.

"Did you," he said, not looking up.

"Yes.  One question - does Mr. Quinn know the nature of our business with Siverly?"

Fraswer hesitated a moment before answering.

"Probably not."  He looked up, eyes a startlingly deep blue.  "If he does, he didna hear it from me."

The Scottish Prisoner (Chapter 16 - Tower House)

It's hard to imagine a time before toasted/grilled cheese sandwiches, and yet, there was.

Fast forward 200+ years and here we are, near the end of National Grilled Cheese Month -- at least in the States.  But as I'm in Canada, and I know there's more than a few of you in other places, I propose we make it an international celebration of cheese in toast...because, really...is there anyone, anywhere (excepting those with a dairy allergy) who doesn't love melted cheese between 2 crunchy, buttery pieces of bread?

I thought not.

grilled cheese - bacon and tomato jam

My grilled cheese breakfast sandwich is a little more elaborate than the one Jamie made LJ -- but then again, I'm not an 18th C prisoner, forced to travel against his will, on limited rations.  My spoiled, 21st C self can afford to be a little more creative.

I used day-old foccacia bread and filled it with grated aged cheddar, bacon, tomato jam and a light spreading of mayonnaise.  I spread the outside of the slices thick with butter and then toasted it on a grill pan with a small cast iron frying pan on top as a panini weight. (That helps the cheese to melt evenly and it also gives the bread good grill marks.)

On the weekend, I might add a fried egg in there too.

What's your favourite grilled cheese?

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