Jamie's Rusty Nail from Outlander book A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Jamie's Rusty Nail

A sudden roar from the roof above startled me out of my thoughts.

I walked out into the dooryard and looked up, shading my eyes against the morning sun.  Jamie was sitting astride the rooftree, rocking to and fro over one hand, which he held curled into his belly. 

"What's going on up there?"  I called.

"I've got a splinter," came the terse answer,obviously spoken through clenched teeth. 

I wanted to laugh, if only as small escape from tension, but didn't.

"Well, come down, then.  I'll pull it out."

"I'm no finished!"

"I don't care!" I said, suddenly impatient with him.  "Come down this minute.  I want to talk to you."

A bag of nails hit the grass with a sudden clank, followed instantly by the hammer.

First things first, then.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Chapter 30 - The Captive


Technically, I supposed, it was a splinter.  It was a two-inch sliver of cedar wood, and he'd driven it completely under the nail of his middle finger, nearly to the first joint.

"Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!"

"Aye," he agreed, looking a little pale.  "Ye might say that."

The protruding stub was too short to grip with my fingers.  I hauled him into the surgery and jerked the sliver out with forceps, before one could say Jack Robinson.  Jamie was saying a good deal more than Jack Robinson -- mostly in French, which is an excellent language for swearing.

"You're going to lose that nail," I observed submerging the offended digit in a small bowl of alcohol and water.  Blood bloomed from it like ink from a squid.

"To hell wi' the nail," he said, gritting his teeth.  "Cut the whole bloody finger off and ha' done with it!  Merde d'chevre!"

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Chapter 30 - The Captive

Jamie's Rusty Nail

I don't know about you, but I don't have a sliver (nor Lionel Brown awaiting interrogation nearby), and I need a drink.

Rusty Nail, anyone?  I have no doubt wee James and his middle finger would be grateful for a dram

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