Jem's Mickey Mouse Pancakes inspired by A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Jem's Mickey Mouse Pancakes

"Won't I -- won't I see Mama again?"  Jemmy's eyes were huge, and he couldn't keep from looking at the stone.

"I don't know," Roger said, and I could see the tears he was fighting himself, and hear them in his thickened voice.  He didn't know whether he would ever see Brianna again himself, or baby Mandy.  Probably...probably not."

Jamie looked down at Jem, who was clinging to his hand, looking back and forth between father and grandfather, confusion, fright, and longing in his face.

"If one day, a bhailach,"Jamie said conversationally, "ye should meet a verra large mouse named Michael -- ye'll tell him your grandsire sends his regards."  He opened his hand, then letting go, and nodded toward Roger.

Jem stood staring for a moment, then dug in his feet and sprinted toward Roger, sand spurting from under his shoes.  He leaped into his father's arms, clutching him around the neck, and with a final glance backward, Roger turned and stepped behind the stone, and the inside of my head exploded in fire.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 120 - If Only For Myself)

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