Jenny’s Onion Tart inspired by Outlander novel Voyager

Jenny’s Onion Tart - Outlander on Starz S3E8

I caught up with her just outside the barn; she heard my step behind her and turned, startled. She glanced about quickly, but saw we were alone. Realizing that there was no way of putting off a confrontation, she squared her shoulders under the woolen cloak and lifted her head, meeting my eyes straight on.

“I thought I’d best tell Young Ian to unsaddle the horse,” she said. “Then I’m going to the root cellar to fetch up some onions for a tart. Will ye come with me?”

“I will.” Pulling my cloak tight around me against the winter wind, I followed her into the barn.

Voyager, chapter 38, “I Meet a Lawyer”

We’re headed back to Lallybroch this week, to see Jenny and her gang of Murrays. I think most of us know there’s someone else we’re going to meet, but I’ll hold off on naming names just for the now, and instead focus on Claire and Jenny’s reunion, which promises to be tense - at least at first.

Jenny’s Onion Tart

The recipe for Jenny’s Onion Tart is here, as well as in Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook.

Happy eating, and watching!

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