Jura Superstition Single Malt Whisky

Jura - The Weekend Whisky Write-Up

She stretched out her hand toward the table by her chair, not bothering to look.  She didn't need to; the butler set down a crystal tumbler softly, just where her fingers would touch it.  Her hand closed around it, and she lifted it, passing it under her nose and sniffing, eyes closed in sensual delight.

"There's a good bit left of it yet.  A great deal more than I can guzzle by myself, I'll tell ye!"  She opened her eyes and smiled, lifting the tumbler toward us.  "To you, nephew, and your dear wife - may ye find this house home!  Slàinte!

Slàinte mharl" Jamie answered, and we all drank.

It was good whisky; smooth as buttered silk and heartening as sunshine.  I could feel it hit the pit of my stomach, take root, and spread up my backbone.

Drums of Autumn (Chapter 10 - Jocasta)

I'm not here right now.  I'm actually in Scotland, most likely on the shores of Loch Oich.  I'll be back in another little bit, with lots of photos and stories.  In the meantime, to keep the Blog Gods and Google Statistics happy, I pre-scheduled this little whisky review to fill up some of my away time.

The Jura Distillery, on the Isle of Jura, is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary next month.  A birth year of 1963 makes Jura a baby in the whisky world, but we enjoyed a bottle of Jura Superstition over the winter and I'm happy to report it's another lightly peated whisky that just about everyone will like.  Smooth, light-bodied and a little sweet.

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