Mamacita's Sangria from Outlander book Voyager

Mamacita's Sangria from Voyager

"Have you ever drunk sangria, Mrs. Fraser?"

I opened my mouth to say "Yes," thought better of it, and said, "No, what is it?" Sangria had been a popular drink in the 1960s, and I had had it many times at faculty parties and hospital social events.  But for now, I was sure that it was unknown in England and Scotland; Mrs. Fraser of Edinburgh would never have heard of sangria.

"A mixture of red wine and the juices of orange and lemon," Lawrence Stern was explaining.  "Mulled with spices, and served hot or cold, depending on the weather.  A most comforting and healthful beverage, is it not, Fogden?"

Voyager (Chapter 50 - I Meet a Priest)

Comforting, indeed! (Says the food writer with a goblet full of the stuff stationed right next to her mouse.)

Inspiring too!  My new favourite scientific study found that tipsy people are more creative.

It's staying this side of tipsy that can be the problem...especially when your host plops down a huge pitcher full of citrus-flavoured, red-wine punch laced with brandy.

Just ask Father Fogden and the hobgoblin he keeps for company, Coco the Coconut.

I'm not touching the sheep skulls for all the sangria in Spain, Portugal and Argentina combined.


A dry red is a good, safe choice for Sangria.

I took a chance and went a little on the sweeter side with this mid-priced bottle of Spanish red, and really enjoyed the results.  I'm not in love with the label, but Beso de Vino gets top scores for taste and value.

Mr. Stern describes sangria as mulled.  Sangria has always been a summertime patio drink with some tapas for me, so it's never occurred to me to mull it.  Mulling adds richness and taste -- which could be verra good around the winter holidays -- but I wanted to keep this version on the light side.  We'll mull another batch as the weather cools down, I promise.

If you've never had sangria, proceed with caution.  The brandy in sangria can sneak up on you very quickly, and it can have you senseless before your second glass if you don't watch it.

Mamacita doesn't strike me as one to tiptoe around a hangover, if you know what I mean.


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