Mrs. Bug's Cinnamon Toast from A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Mrs. Bug's Cinnamon Toast from A Breath of Snow and Ashes

"DO YOU THINK he'll come?"  Breakfast had been eaten, and no sign yet of Thomas Christie.  After a night of broken sleep, in which I dreamed repeatedly of ether masks and surgical disasters, I wasn't sure whether I wanted him to come or not.

"Aye, he'll come."  Jamie was reading the North Carolina Gazette, four months out of date, while munching the last of Mrs. Bug's cinnamon toast.  "Look, they've printed a letter from the Governor to Lord Dartmouth, saying what an unruly lot of seditious, conniving thieving bastards we all are, and asking General Gage to send him cannon to threaten us back into good behavior.  I wonder if MacDonald knows that's public knowledge?"

"Did they really?" I said absently.  I rose, and picked up the ether mask I had been staring at all through breakfast.  "Well, if he does come, I suppose I'd best be ready."

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 23)

I heard from lots of you over the weekend -- a couple made stock, a few more a batch of Bonnet's Balls, and at least a dozen readers contacted me to let me know they were baking Honey-Buttermilk Oatbread from Voyager -- and then you sent me pictures...fabulous shots of all your homemade goodies that made me glow.

How cool is that?  People are really cooking from Outlander -- en masse! (well, almost ;))  As a passionate cook and fan of DG's world, I'm so excited I am to have found a like-minded community of food and book lovers.   It's nourishing both my mind and my belly...thank you all.

So who's up for a little celebration? After all, we've been working hard in our Outlander Kitchens!  Personally, I'm gonna kick back with Jamie, ponder the morning paper and enjoy a sweet treat with my coffee.

Oh sure, you could just sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on a piece of buttered toast, but that's not how Mrs. Bug would've done it.  She would have a had a little bowl of this at hand, to feed Himself's cravings throughout the day.

(And besides, your loaf of Oatbread deserves better than that.)

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