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Neil Forbes's Smoked Ear

No time to be lost; people on the docks might know where the Anemone was headed next.  He turned and took a step toward the door.  Then a red wave washed through him and he whirled back, smashing his fist into Forbes's face with the full weight of his body behind it. 

The lawyer gave a high-pitched scream, and clutched both hands to his nose.  All noises in the inn and in the street seemed to stop; the world hung suspended.  Roger took a short, deep breath, rubbing his knuckles, and nodded once more.

"Come on," he said to Ian.

"Oh, aye."

Roger was halfway to the door when he realized that Ian was not with him.  He looked back, and was just in time to see his cousin-by-marriage take Forbes gently by one ear and cut it off.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 103 - Put to the Question)

"When ye set about a difficult quest -- if ye're Kahnyen'kehaka, I mean -- ye generally go aside for a time, to fast and pray for guidance.  We havena time to be doing that now, of course.  But often, while ye're doing that, ye choose a talisman -- or to be right about it, it chooses you --"  He sounded completely matter-of-fact about this procedure, Roger noted.

"And ye carry it with ye through the quest, to keep the attention of the spirits upon your desire and ensure your success."

"I see."  Jamie rubbed the bridge of his nose.  He appeared -- like Roger -- to be wondering what the Mohawk spirits might make of Neil Forbes's ear.  It would, probably, ensure their attention, at least.  "The ear...did ye pack it in salt, I hope?"

Ian shook his head.

"Nay, I smoked it over the kitchen fire at the inn last night.  Dinna fash yourself, Uncle Jamie; it will keep."

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 105 - The Prodigal)

smoked ear

Three fine Scots men, and an EAR, all on their way.

Things are looking up for Bree, kidnapped and passed on to Stephen Bonnet and his little ship of horrors.

I mean, an extra appendage here and there certainly isn't going to hurt the hunt, now is it?


By now, you've probably figured out that this particular EAR is from a pig - but what you don't know yet is that I'm smoking this EAR, not as a talisman, but to eat it.

I wouldn't go to all this trouble just so the dog could eat bits of braised, smoked and charred pig's EAR after walks.

Cause that would be a little over the top.

smoked ear salad

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