Banoffee Pie from the set of Outlander on Starz

Outlander Kitchen's Banoffee Pie

It started with a few tweets and a couple of pictures.

Soon, it had ballooned into a full-blown Banoffee Pie obsession that quickly spread from the cast & crew in the UK to those of us following along on the other side of the pond.


"What is Banoffee?" people were asking.

Most of the answer is in the name...bananas and toffee.  Add a cookie/biscuit crust and some whipped cream on top, and you have a dessert for the ages.  Or maybe Thanksgiving this Thursday?



The toffee in a banoffee is actually dulce de leche, aka caramelized condensed milk.  I've been making dulce in the slow cooker for years, but that takes the better part of a day, including cooling time.

My decision to make a pie was rather last minute, so I cut the time to less than half by making it on the stove top.  Alternatively, there are even faster methods than simmering it in the can.  Check out 8 Ways to Make Dulce De Leche.

Or, you could always just buy a jar at a specialty/high-end grocery store.


Next is the crust, usually made from crushed digestive biscuits and some melted butter.  I didn't have any biscuits in the house, but I do have Mrs. Graham's recipe for digestives, so I made (roughly) half a batch of dough, pressed that into the pan and baked it until crisp.

I was in the kitchen watching my dulce boil away, so making the cookie crust this way was no bother at all.  However, if you're looking for a less-labour instensive crust, you can crush cookies in your food processor, then mix in enough melted butter so that it holds together in the pan.  No baking required.

Of course, if you're really in a hurry, there are always those pre-made graham cracker crusts.  Your Outlander Kitchen is full of're in charge!

Banoffee Pie

Once those two components are made, all there is left to do is slice some bananas, whip some cream, grate a little chocolate, and then put it all together.

As My Englishman is fond of saying, "Easy peasy, fresh and squeezy!"

<Sigh.>  Even after twenty years, that accent gets me every time.  No matter what comes out of his mouth.

But that's enough about my relationship.  Go make yourself some pie.  My recipe is below.

banoffee pie

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