Peanut Butter Power Bars for Sam Heughan Outlander on Starz

Peanut Butter Power Bars for Sam Heughan as JAMMF

"Roasted peanuts," I said.  "They grow underground hereabouts.  I found a farmer selling them for hogfood, and had the inn-wife roast some for me.  You take off the shells before you eat them."  I grinned at him, enjoying the novel sensation of for once knowing more about our surroundings than he did.

He gave me a mildly dirty look, and crushed a shell between thumb and forefinger, yielding 3 nuts.

"I'm ignorant, Sassenach," he said.  "Not a fool.  There's a difference, aye?"  He put a peanut in his mouth and bit down gingerly.  His skeptical look changed to one of pleased surprise, and he chewed with increasing enthusiasm, tossing the other nuts in his mouth.

"Like them?" I smiled, enjoying his pleasure.  "I'll make you peanut butter for your bread, once we're settled and I have my new mortar unpacked."

Drums of Autumn (Chapter 9 - Two-Thirds of a Ghost)

To think that less than a week ago, JAMMF lived only inside our heads!

And now, thanks to an over-enthusiastic Tweeter at Starz TV, and a take-the-leak-in-stride, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants endorsement from Herself across Facebook and Twitter, we all know a bit before we were supposed to about the man who showed up to his audition ready to be our Jamie.

I'm sure most of you are already acquainted with our hero now personified...but for those of you not on social media, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Sam Heughan, born April 30, 1980 in New Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

(That's one day off of Jamie's birthday, for those paying attention.)

Triathlon Jamie

There's a ton of status updates and blog posts detailing Mr. Heughan's suitability for his new role.  I won't go into his full bio and stat sheet here...that's been done to death in the past 96 hours.  But if you're in the dark about this talented actor, or still unsure about his ability to carry off the larger-than-life personality of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, I suggest you begin your web search on Diana's Facebook page.

She's seen his audition tapes, and she's convinced.  He's her Jamie.

He's also a triathlete...which is why he needs these OK Peanut Butter & Banana Power Bars, ken?

bananas for peanut butter power bars

Yeah, it's a banana!  OK has done a Slippery Nipple, Bonnet's Balls and a Poached Peach for Dougal -- do you think I'm beyond posting a banana beneath our new Jamie?

No.  Of course I'm not.

While we're at it, laddie, why don't ye show us your thumbs and great toes?


JUST KIDDING.  You poor man.  You're going to need that Fraser sense of humour to get through this first bit with us -- it's just that it's been so long, ye see -- and now that the time has finally come to bring you into our physical world, some of us are having a little trouble containing our excitement.

We'll calm down.  Eventually.

Welcome to our really is great to have you on the voyage!

peanut butter power bars

In the meantime, we should all fuel up for the next round of casting...speculation and intrigue burn calories faster than a swim in frigid water followed by a bike and run.  Or so I like to think.

These bars are a delicious way to fuel up before a workout. The bananas make them soft, the oats and peanut butter (or any nut butter) chewy, and they're a great gluten-free, lightly sweet snack that you can wrap up for picnics and school lunches.  Vary the mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit to make a new creation every batch!  The possibilities are endless.

To see what I put in mine, scroll to the Notes below the recipe.

peanut butter power bars

This recipe's for you, Sam.  If Fedex went to the Arctic Circle, I'd send you a batch.  You're going to need every bit of energy you can get...

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