Dog Treats inspired by An Echo in the Bone

Rachel Hunter's Dog Treats for Rollo

The pandemonium grew worse.  There were bangs from two or three pistols, and Rollo dropped writhing to the ground with a yelp.  Colonel Martin jerked back, cursing and clutching his injured wrist, and Jamie drew back and punched him in the belly.  Ian was already rushing toward Rollo; Jamie grabbed the dog by two legs, and, between them, they made off into the darkness, followed my Rachel and me.

We made it to the edge of the wood, heaving and gasping, and I fell at once to my knees beside Rollo, feeling frantically over the huge shaggy body, hunting for the wound, for damage.

"He's not dead," I panted.  "Shoulder...broken."

"Oh, God," Ian said, and I felt him turn to glance in the direction from which pursuit was surely headed.  "Oh, Jesus." I heard the tears in his voice, and he reached to his belt for his knife. 

"What are you doing?"  I exclaimed.  "He can be healed!"

"They'll kill him," he said, savage.  "If I'm no there to stop them, they'll kill him!  Better I do it."

"I --" Jamie began, but Rachel Hunter forestalled him, falling to her knees and grabbing Rollo by the scruff.

"I'll mind thy dog for thee," she said, breathless but certain. "Run!"

He took one last despairing look at her, then at Rollo.  And he ran.

An Echo in the Bone, Chap 68

OK -- Koda's no Rollo -- at 25lbs, he probably doesn't have a lot of wolf in him.  But he could pass for a red fox, especially chasing birds through the tall grass in the early morning.  And while I didn't win him at dice, he did come into our lives fully grown after a well-timed trip to the SPCA.  He's smart as a whip, a bit of an independent wanderer and, I think you'll agree, a handsome beast, no?

As for Rachel and Rollo, they spent the fall, winter and some of the next spring holed up together waiting for Ian to return.  That means that they spent Christmas together.  And just because, as a Quaker, Rachel most likely didn't observe December 25th as anything other than a regular day, that doesn't mean that I can't use this scene as a tenuous segue to suggest these healthy snacks as a holiday treat for the Rollo in YOUR life.


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