Rolls with Pigeons and Truffles from Outlander book Voyager

Rolls with Pigeons and Truffles - Outlander on Starz S3E7

Jamie nodded, picking up a sort of hot stuffed roll.

“I should be surprised if he had not,” he said dryly. “While there’s likely more than one man willing to do me harm, I canna think it likely that gangs o’ them are roaming about Edinburgh.” He took a bite and chewed industriously, shaking his head.

“Nay, that’s clear enough, and nothing to be greatly worrit over.”

“It’s not?” I took a small bite of my own roll, then a bigger one. “This is delicious. What is it?”

Jamie lowered the roll he had been about to take a bite of, and squinted at it. “Pigeon minced wi’ truffles,” he said, and stuffed it into his mouth whole.

“No,” he said, and paused to swallow. “No,” he said again, more clearly. “That’s likely just a matter of a rival smuggler. There are two gangs that I’ve had a wee bit of difficulty with now and then.” He waved a hand, scattering crumbs, and reached for another roll.

Voyager, chapter 28, “Virtue’s Guardian”

After a love-filled reunion with Jamie, we left Claire in a rather sketchy situation at the end of “A. Malcolm.” I suspect I know how she’s going to get out of her first hairy situation sine her return, and I can’t wait to find out if I’m right!

I also can’t wait to tell you about the featured recipe for this week, which takes me back to the very beginning of Outlander Kitchen. This is the recipe that started it all. In the seven years since, the recipe for Pigeon Rolls has changed; I’ve even written a VEGETARIAN VERSION.

Rolls with Pigeons and Truffles

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