Preserved Lemon Scones from Outlander book An Echo in the Bone

Scones with Preserved Lemon for Outlander Season Premiere S4E1

Quarry nodded and refilled Grey’s glass.

“You’re not eating,” he observed. 

“I lunched late.” Quite late. In fact, he hadn’t had luncheon yet. He took a scone and spread it desultorily with jam. 

“And Denys Wossname?” Quarry asked, flicking the letter with a pickle fork. “Shall I inquire about him, too?” 

“By all means. Though I may make better progress with him on the American end of the matter. That’s at least where he was last seen.” He took a bite of scone, observing that it had achieved that delicate balance between crumbliness and half-set mortar that is the ideal of every scone, and felt some stirrings of appetite return. He wondered whether he should put Harry onto the worthy Jew with the warehouse in Brest, but decided not. The question of French connections was more than delicate, and while Harry was thorough, he was not subtle.

An Echo in the Bone, chapter 32, “A Flurry of Suspicion”


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This recipe for Scones with Preserved Lemon is straight from the Table of Contents for Outlander Kitchen 2, which is keeping me very busy! We don’t have an exact publishing date yet, but you can look for it to come out in late 2019.

Preserved lemons are a Norht African condiment that most certainly had a place in wealthy 18th Century pantries. You can make them at home, but they take a few weeks. You can also find them in some grocery stores, specialty markets, and, of course, amazon.

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