Scottish Rarebit inspired by the Outlander series

Scottish Rarebit - Outlander on STARZ Episode 108

Soon, we'll be as lost as Claire. Just one more episode before we enter that black hole of Outlander nothingness until early 2015, when the last half of the season will appear to pull us out of our post-holiday doldrums.

Well, it's something to look forward too, right? Even if you are dreading this final hour before the break...


If I were lost, I wouldn't mind if Frank Randall wanted to find me.

While not a fan favourite in the books, Tobias Menzies has done an incredible job to make Frank sympathetic and lovable, and I think we'll see more of that this Saturday.

Episode 108 "Both Sides Now" promises to veer the farthest off the book path of the episodes so far, as we watch Frank grow more and more desperate to find Claire.

I picture a man alone, tireless in his search, stopping only to eat and sleep when exhaustion overtakes him. I know that's what My Englishman would do if I went missing, and he has more than a little bit of Frank in him...

Scottish Rarebit

One of the dishes Frank may have chosen to fuel his search is the cafe classic, rarebit.

Known most commonly as Welsh rarebit (a corruption of the original name rabbit - for which I could find no reliable information about its origin) - the dish is basically glorified cheese on toast. It's quick, easy and delicious, which makes it the perfect bachelor meal.

As you can see from this page from the Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, published in Edinburgh in 1774, Wales was not the only home of rarebit. It seems the Scots had their own version, as did the English.

scottish beer

You may have noticed that the Scottish rarebit was a wee bit plain, so in true Outlander Kitchen style, I've decided to dress it up a bit and bring it forward from the 18th Century and into the 21st.

The best way to do that is to start with Scottish ingredients. I couldn't find a Scottish-brewed beer, but I did find 2 local craft beers inspired by our favourite land. You probably won't find either of these where you live, but step into a specialty liquor store in your neighbourhood, and ask the clerk. You're looking for a strong, flavourful beer...a stout or porter, for example.

I also added a shot of whisky into my rarebit, which added a nice flavour.

Scottish Rarebit baguette COPY

If you're having guests over, buy a baguette and make a plate full of mini rarebits for everyone to enjoy. If it's just you, pile that cheese mixture on a piece of toasted bread (I used Jenny's Everyday Bread), and leave it under the broiler for an extra minute to give it an extra brown. My favourite part of rarebit is the crusty, crunchy cheese around the edges.

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