Scottish Tablet inspired by Outlander on Starz

Scottish Tablet – Outlander on STARZ Episode 106

It's going to be a tough Saturday. Even if you haven't read any of the early reviews for Epsiode 106 of Outlander on STARZ, this picture says it all.

BJR is back, and it doesn't look like his mood has improved greatly, madame.

Anyone hungry?

Scottish Tablet

I racked my brain for a few weeks on this one, trying to find even a tenuous link between "The Garrison Commander" and food. Stress, tension and physical brutality hardly whet the appetite.

A big heavy meal was out, no doubt. The lovely Atholl Brose liqueur was just a couple of weeks ago - too soon to resort to booze again - although if there's an episode to pull the booze out, it would be this Saturday's.

condensed milk

And then it hit me.


So sweet, you could never eat more than one bite; so noshable you can never resist just one more piece.

Scottish Tablet

Tablet is similar to fudge, but it's cooked to a higher temperature and has less fat, resulting in a crumbly, rather than a creamy, texture.

First recorded in The Scots Kitchen by F. Marian McNeill (1929), the recipe dates back to the early 18th Century. The recipe has changed over the years, calling for only sugar and cream originally, but now including butter, condensed milk and vanilla. The additions make the cooking a lot easier, and a burnt-sugar mess a lot less likely.

Tablet's sweet, slightly sandy-textured goodness is the perfect nibble to nurse as we all sit down to watch a rather intense hour of television.  I'll try to remember, during the more uncomfortable bits, that I've waited years to watch this story unfold on screen...and I'm loving every minute of it.

Scottish Tablet

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