Shepherd's Pie from

Shepherd's Pie from An Echo in the Bone

He passed the Free North Church and half-smiled at it, thinking of Mrs. Ogilvy and Mrs. MacNeil.  They'd be back, he knew, if he didn't do something about it.  He knew their brand of determined kindliness.  Dear God, if they heard that Bree had gone to work and -- to their way of thinking -- abandoned him with two small children, they'd be running shepherd's pies and hot stovies out to him in relays.  That mightn't be such a bad thing, he thought, meditatively licking his lips -- save that they'd stay to poke their noses into the workings of his household, and letting them into Brianna's kitchen would be not merely playing with dynamite but deliberately throwing a bottle of nitroglycerin into the midst of his marriage.

"Catholics don't believe in divorce," Bree had informed him once.  "We do believe in murder.  There's always Confession, after all."

An Echo in the Bone (Chapter 16 - Unarmed Conflict)

Is it just me, or is Roger perpetually navigating his way through one potential disaster or another?  It seems the time bomb in question always involves Bree, at least one other woman and some question of Roger's matter what century they're in.

It's no wonder the Church ladies want to make him a meal or two...all that worrying can take the weight off a man!

And nothing quiets a growling wame faster than a hearty Shepherd's Pie.

yolks-shepherd's pie

Gordon Ramsay.  Hmphmmm.  While he may not be everyone's favourite Scot, he is a Chef, and he makes pretty much the best Shepherd's Pie I've ever tasted.  Gordo's French culinary training has transformed this Scottish basic into something spectacular.

His addition of red wine is definitely French, as is the tomato paste, which both add colour and flavour to the lamb.  But the biggest difference is in the potatoes that top his Shepherd's Pie -- this isn't any old mash -- instead, Gordon uses Duchesse potatoes:  made golden with yolks, rich with butter, cheesy with Parmesan and crisp and light due to the lack of milk or cream.

However, like most Chefs with several human and mechanical dishwashers at his disposal, Mr. Ramsay takes too many steps and uses too many pots and pans.  My version simplifies things a bit and gets rid of a few dishes.

shepherd's pie

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