Potluck Suggestions for an Outlander Premiere Party from Outlander Kitchen

Starz Outlander Premiere Party Menu: A Potluck Gathering

If your house is as big as Lallybroch, and you're the type of hostess that brings Jenny Fraser to mind, you may decide to have a wee Gathering at your place for the premiere of Outlander on STARZ.

Depending on the number of guests, the best way to deal with large party involving food is to turn it into a potluck.  And the best way to deal with a themed potluck is to draw up the list of dishes and start assigning recipes to guests.

Otherwise, you get 10 desserts, one salad and dozens of dinner rolls...what?  You know I'm right...

STARZ Outlander - Sangria

Mamacita's Sangria (Voyager)

As the hostess with the mostest, you may want to provide the booze. For a girl party, there is almost nothing better than a big punch bowl full of Mamacita's Sangria.

And while I haven't mentioned my Aussie friends in these Starz Outlander menus yet, I know that we're dealing with a difference of seasons between the hemispheres.  Your premiere date is one week later than the US, which means you watching Jamie and Claire in the middle of winter.

So switch let's switch up that punch bowl for you, shall we?  I'm thinking you'd be better off with Mamacita's Mulled Sangria.

Starz Outlander Menu - Cherry Bounce

Cherry Bounce (ABOSAA)

Another beverage that belongs on the potluck table is a gallon or two of Cherry Bounce. Hopefully you've been thinking ahead, because as I suggested a few months ago, the Bounce takes a little time to infuse.

I can't imagine watching the premiere with a bunch of friends without each having a shot at the opening credits, and beginning the show we've been anticipating for months with a big chorus of Sláinte!

(And if you kept those cherries in the freezer after the straining, you can always make yourself a batch of CB Gelato for the next morning's hair of the dog.)

cheese-balls-starz outlander

Mr. Willoughby's Coral Knob

It's nice to have a few appies on the table as you wait for everyone to arrive.  Choose your most punctual friends to make up Mr. Willoughby's Coral Knob...

Starz Outlander Murtagh's Gift to Ellen

Murtagh's Gift to Ellen (Outlander)

...and Murtagh's Gift to Ellen - these tasty bites involve twisting bacon/prosciutto and asparagus with puff pastry - and just like that, we're right back to Quarter Day at Lallybroch!

hare-pie-baked copy

Jenny's Hare Pie (Voyager)

For the main event, you'll want a pie or two. Jenny's Hare Pie is a real favourite around here, and if you're into sustainable eating, there's no better animal protein than rabbit or hare.  They're quick to raise, and they breed like, well, rabbits. Add a bit of claret and some berries to that filling, and you won't believe how delicious rabbit can be.

shepherds-pie Starz Outlander

Shepherd's Pie (EITB)

Shepherd's Pie may be a safer choice, and OK's version always gets high praise from fans.  It's a shepherd's pie if you use lamb, or a cottage pie if you use beef.  Either way, it's verra yummy.

Brianna's Bridies from DOA

Brianna's Bridies (DOA)

Brianna Bridies are another good option for the potluck table, and there is a veggie filling option for these. Chances are, you'll have at least one vegetarian at your party, and it's important to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

Rosamund Lindsay's Devil's Apple BBQ

Rosamund Lindsay's Devil's Apple BBQ (TFC)

And now back to the meat...there is no funnier BBQ exchange in the literary world than the fight between Ronnie Sinclair and Rosamund Lindsay over a pit of roasting pigs. Who knew tomatoes could be so contentious?  They certainly were in the 18th Century!

Buttermilk Biscuits for Starz Outlander

Mrs. Bug's Buttermilk Biscuits (TFC)

For sure you have to tell someone to bring a batch of Mrs. Bug's Buttermilk Drop Biscuits from TFC. I had a few Southern friends consult with me on this recipe, and we all agree it's a crowd-pleasing winner!  Plus, BBQ tastes amazing between two halves.

corn-fritters-Starz Outlander

Ute McGillivray's Beer Battered Corn Fritters (ABOSAA)

If you've got a friend staying with you, these Ute's Corn Fritters would be a great contribution for her to make.  They're best eaten right out of the pan, so I'm thinking your house guest can fry them up just as everyone else is arriving.

Jenny's Everyday Buns & Gypsy Stew

Gypsy Stew & Jenny's Everyday Buns

I didn't suggest Gypsy Stew with the rest of the mains above, but don't let that stop you!  Next to that bowl of deliciousness in the photo, though, is a batch of Jenny's Everyday Bread made into buns.  As with most old bread recipes, it's an overnight thing, but if you love wholemeal bread, this is a killer recipe for soft, hearty buns.

Buttered Leeks Starz Outlander

Ian's Buttered Leeks[/caption]

Add a few more greens (and just a little bit of butter) to the table with Ian's Buttered Leeks.  These are perfect for a guest who isn't the best cook.  They're easy, and done in a flash.

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes (Alternative Robbie Burn's Dinner)

Hasselback potatoes originated in Sweden...but since when has that stopped me!  I originally suggested these for an alternative Robbie Burns dinner, but they're easy to make in volume, and they'll bulk out the table without adding anymore meat.

OLYMPUS DIGCarrot Cupcake Craigh na DunITAL CAMERA

Carrot Cupcake Craigh na Dun

Dessert time!  A Carrot Cupcake Craigh na Dun would make a fun presentation on a card table next to your main table, don't you think?

Stephen Bonnet's Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls

Stephen Bonnet's Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls[/caption]

And, of course, no large gathering of Outlanders would be complete without a batch of Stephen Bonnet's Balls.  Just make sure you tell whoever is bringing them to make it a big batch because ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Princess Louisa's Raspberries, Brandy & Cream from LJ and the Succubus

Princess Louisa's Raspberries, Brandy & Cream from LJ and the Succubus

And finally, it's always good to end a meal with fruit...and brandy. Princess Louisa's Raspberries Brandy and Cream is sure to balance your group meal perfectly.

Have a fantastic time together, Sassenachs!  And please make sure that everyone has a safe ride home.

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09 Jul 2014 - 3:35pm

Kellie Dunn

Lol on the Stephen Bonnets Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls

09 Jul 2014 - 4:14pm


Now that's what I call a party Theresa! Slainte!

09 Jul 2014 - 9:20pm


We are having a large party for the Stars Outlander Premier and a pot luck. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. I always love your recipes!

09 Jul 2014 - 11:17pm

elaine pettit

wow, I love to cook and bake, now I need to invite a crowd and get moving this is so much better that the Tea that I though was amazing may have to just have a gathering for every Saturday night episode

08 Aug 2014 - 2:59am

Julie Tharp

Wonderful ideas, Theresa. I appreciate your creativity.

09 Aug 2014 - 5:23pm

Nancy Bonnar

I would like to see the recipe book in print for purchase at reasonable cost. any possiblility of this happening? thanks.

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