Stephen Bonnet’s Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls from Outlander

Stephen Bonnet's Salted Chocolate Pretzel Balls

"A bit more tea, Doctor Fentiman?" I urged a fresh cup upon him, willing him to stay awake. "Do tell me more about it. The surgery must have been quite delicate?"

In fact, men never like to hear that the removal of testicles is a simple matter, but it is. Though I would admit that the fact of the patient's being conscious during the whole procedure had likely added to the difficulty.

Fentiman regained a bit of his animation, telling me about it.

"...and the ball had gone straight through the testicle; it had left the most perfect hole... . You could look quite through it, I assure you." Plainly he regretted the loss of this interesting specimen, and it was with some difficulty that I got him to tell me what had become of the gentleman to whom it belonged.

"Well, that was odd. It was the horse, you see..." he said vaguely. "Lovely animal...long hair, like a woman's, so unusual..."

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Chapter 56)

Hmmm. Where to start? How do I explain the progression regression from Nutella-Filled Pretzel Balls to Stephen Bonnet's Salted-Chocolate Balls?

There's a really simple explanation, honestly. But it involves me naming names, and, at this point, I'm not sure that these people's families know how deep their loved ones' Outlander obsessions go...and I'm dead certain that they don't want to know what they we talk about online.

So yes, this titular evolution happened on Facebook. Amongst a group of complete Outlander nutbars. And I think it's better if I just leave it at that.

Salted Chocolate Pretzel

If you've always wanted to take your own piece out of that green-eyed, one-balled Irish bastard, then stick around and scroll on down. Leroi's roommates are is waiting...


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