Ute McGillivray's Beer Battered Corn Fritters from Outlander book ABOSAA

Ute McGillivray's Beer Battered Corn Fritters

“I’ll go and have a bit of a blether with him, aye?”  Roger touched her back in brief affection.  “He could maybe use a sympathetic ear.”

“That and a stiff drink?”  She nodded toward the house, where Robin McGillivray was visible through the open door, pouring what she assumed to be whisky for a select circle of friends.

“I imagine he will have manage that for himself,” Roger replied dryly.  He left her, making his way around the convivial group by the fire.  He disappeared in the dark, but then she saw the door of the cooper’s shop open, and Roger silhouetted briefly against the glow from within, his tall form blocking the light before vanishing inside.

“Wanna drink, Mama!”  Jemmy was wriggling like a tadpole, trying to get down.  She set him on the ground, and he was off like a shot, nearly upsetting a stout lady with a platter of corn fritters.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, (Chapter 6 - Ambush)

Ute may be an over protective mother with vicious tendencies, but boy can she also lay a table.

Being German, I imagine she used a lot of beer in the kitchen.  Doesn't happen much around here, but beer gone flat can be used to add rich malty flavour to everything from beef stew to these corn fritters.  We may pour it down the drain, but that would have been sacrilege to dear Ute.

No flat beer around?  No worries!  Crack open a new one, and let's make some fritters!


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