Vegetarian Rolls with Pigeon and Truffles from Voyager

Vegetarian Rolls with Pigeon and Truffles

Jamie nodded, picking up a sort of hot stuffed roll.

“I should be surprised if he had not,” he said dryly.  “While there’s likely more than one man willing to do me harm, I canna think it likely that gangs o’ them are roaming about Edinburgh.”  He took a bite and chewed industriously, shaking his head.

“Nay, that’s clear enough, and nothing to be greatly worrit over.”

“It’s not?”  I took a small bite of my own roll, then a bigger one.  “This is delicious.  What is it?”

Jamie lowered the roll he had been about to take a bite of, and squinted at it.  “Pigeon minced wi’ truffles, “ he said, and stuffed it into his mouth whole.

“No,” he said, and paused to swallow.  “No,” he said again, more clearly.  “That’s likely just a matter of a rival smuggler.  There are two gangs that I’ve had a wee bit of difficulty with now and then.”  He waved a hand, scattering crumbs, and reached for another roll.

Voyager, chapter 28, "Virtue's Guardian"

The idea to vege-mize the Rolls with Pigeon and Truffles came up when I was recording an appearance on Outlander Podcast's Voyager read along late last week. I was discussing the rolls, and their appearance in Chapter 28, "Virtue's Guardian," with Pod's hosts, Ginger and Summer.

That recipe was the first Outlander recipe I created; it holds a special place in my heart. So when Ginger, a vegetarian, asked how to make a non-meat version, I immediately knew they were on the menu for Valentine's Day.

Vegetarian Rolls with Pigeon and Truffles

The base is, appropriately, a mix of mushrooms -- full of umami, just like truffles -- but less expensive. I added white beans, aromatics, and breadcrumbs to round out the flavour and bind everything together. The coconut oil is optional because I understand that not everyone has it in their pantry, but including it will add an extra punch of flavour -- fat is good like that. If you don't have it, DO NOT substitute a liquid oil, like olive - it makes the mixture mush and difficult to work with.

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