Scottish Whisky Recipe Roundup from Outlander Kitchen

Whisky Recipes for Outlander on Starz S3E5 - “Freedom and Whisky”

It’s a viewer’s choice for this week’s Outlander on Starz episode, “Freedom and Whisky.” I have been writing and sharing recipes on Outlander Kitchen for over 6 years, and in that time I’ve developed a real fondness for whisky; I think it feels the same way about me...

Outlander Kitchen Cookbook

What’s your favourite way to enjoy a dram?

A few suggestions for those of you with a cocktail or tipple on the mind:

And for those with a sweet tooth:

If you’ve made Cherry Bounce, you may have some whisky-soaked cherries in the freezer. How about a batch of Cherry Bounce Gelato?

Of course, you could also simply sip on your favourite Single Malt as you enjoy the show. If you’re new to whisky, here’s a post I wrote a few Christmases ago that serves as a good primer: Gift Ideas for Whisky Virgins:


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04 Oct 2017 - 8:18pm

Helen Bullard

Oh --- goodness - I am sharing this with my FB group - Ozark Outlanders - Mark me !!!

Chrissy Hutsell

I think the shortbread with whiskey ? sugar is on our dinner menu for the viewing party! One of those cocktails ? too

20 Oct 2017 - 6:26pm


Love to try Lobster rolls and Boston Cream Pie if you haven't done those yet ?


I do food from the books, for the most part...and I'm taking a break from Outlander recipes for awhile, while I start a new project.

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