Buttery and bacony appetizers inspired by Ellen Fraser’s boar tusk bracelets, passed on to Claire by Jenny.

Yummy honey-mustard roasted chicken that the whole family will love.

A soup so hearty, you could call it a stew. Delicious and full of goodness, it’s great way to use up the last of the produce from the winter garden.

A traditional recipe straight from the 18th Century Highlands. Best served hot off the girdle with butter and/or honey.

: A creamy, wholesome treat, inspired by the past. Think rice pudding, with just a wee bit more texture.

:A three-layered sweet treat so delicious, it can set brother against brother faster than the Jacobite’s Gold.

Creamy, rich and sweet, this gluten-free maple pudding is the perfect dessert for sharing.

Crunchy on the outside, soft and savoury in the middle. A quick, hot breakfast ready in under 20 minutes.

Creamy, sweet Atholl Brose over coffee ice cubes. The perfect holiday combination.

Delicious chocolate shortbread, glazed with bittersweet chocolate and topped with whisky & vanilla infused golden sugar.

A traditional Scottish fruitcake originally from, you guessed it, Dundee. Made festive with dried fruit, marmalade and whisky, and festooned with almonds.

Outlander Kitchen's version of a Southern Thanksgiving tradition.

Delicious, rib-sticking, 21st Century Scottish comfort food rich with mushrooms and bacon.

Happy 96th Birthday, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser!

A variation of the popular Welsh Rarebit - dressed up cheese on toast - fuel for single men everywhere, including those looking for their wives, vanished without a trace in the Scottish countryside.

:A crumbly, fudge-like, super-sweet candy popular across Scotland.

A soft, unripened cheese traditionally made by Scottish crofters. Delicious on oatcakes, bannocks, scones and sandwiches.

:Sweet, creamy and delicious, Atholl Brose is a wonderful after-dinner digestif, and makes the perfect accompaniment to tales told by Gwyllyn the Bard in the Great Hall.