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A soft, unripened cheese traditionally made by Scottish crofters. Delicious on oatcakes, bannocks, scones and sandwiches.

:Sweet, creamy and delicious, Atholl Brose is a wonderful after-dinner digestif, and makes the perfect accompaniment to tales told by Gwyllyn the Bard in the Great Hall.

This modern version of a castle staple is lighter and flakier than the dense pucks the Clan MacKenzie would have proclaimed delicious. Thanks be to wheat and baking powder.

My trip to San Diego Comic Con 2014 to see the premiere of Outlander on Starz and the famous Spreckels Theatre.

A colourful, fruity, sweet-and-sour syrup that will leave you feeling refreshed on a hot summer day.

Generously infused with spices, this pilaf makes a flavour-filled, one-pot dinner. Leftovers reheat beautifully and cleanup is a breeze.

Both of Frank’s two glasses are in this cocktail. After all, when your wife vanishes, a double is what’s needed to calm the old nerves.

A Single Malt and food pairing menu to serve while watching Episode 1 of Outlander on Starz

Outlander Kitchen's suggestions for an Outlander premiere menu for one person.

Suggested menus for a potluck party to celebrate the Outlander Season 1 premiere.

An afternoon tea menu is the suggested Outlander premiere menu from Outlander Kitchen creator Theresa Carle-Sanders.

A romantic picnic for two menu to celebrate the premiere of Outlander Season 1.

Sometimes, the baked good just fits the man. Shortbread for Colum MacKenzie

Light, sweet pancakes that soak up honey, or syrup, just like a tasty little breakfast sponge.

Tender, mild leeks simmered gently in their own juices. The perfect dish to guard the main’s weaker side.

Make a batch of Cherry Bounce for the Outlander on Starz premiere!

A review and discussion of Talisker Storm single malt Scottish whisky.

Light and sweet bites, with just a hint of that java bitterness you love so much.

Slightly sweet scones with a dense, yet buttery texture. Served with thick clotted cream, which has a sweet, slightly nutty flavour and an astronomical fat content.