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Creamy, alcoholic and delicious.  Need I say more?

Digestive cookie crust, dulce de leche and banana centre, all topped with whipped cream. Sweet, gooey and delicious.

Modern oatcakes with FLAVOUR.  Like most other oatcakes, they are gluten free -- but only if the oats you buy are guaranteed gf by the manufacturer.

Peanut Butter Power Bars for Sam Heughan - He’s tall and lean - like a triathlete - not a wrestler, aye?

A sweet, fruit-filled version of Scotland's favourite handheld meat pie, aka a turnover.

A quick-to-prepare Italian classic using fresh, local Scottish meat and cheese.  The traditional Italian ingredients are also given alongside as options.

A basic caseless sausage that is yours to experiment with and make your own.  Homemade can be easy and is always tastier than store bought.

Homemade beer, Outlander style.


: A tender, moist, almond-flavoured cake guaranteed to win your way into Roger’s stomach.

: Delicious, creamy eggs that are out-of-this-world rich and dense and crusty soda bread, just like Tobias Quinn...also delicious fresh out of the oven, or toasted the next day.

: A Louisiana twist on LJ’s oyster pie from The Lark’s Nest...because I could.

These parfait-style desserts make for a deliciously easy, make-ahead end to a romantic Valentine's dinner.  I added a few sliced almonds for some crunch.

A rich and delicious, hearty, homemade filling in store-bought frozen pastry.  A perfect compromise for the busy, multi-tasking cook.