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Wonderfully aromatic sausage patties with short bursts of lemon and mint.  The whisky cream sauce dresses up the plate to make this a dish worthy of Mr. Burns, Himself.

A slightly sweet, soft loaf made with white flour and oats.

Homemade stock is superior to anything you can buy at the store.  Less salt, zero additives and hearty enough to fortify even the most weary time travelers.

Jamie and Frank battle across the ages with everyone's favourite weapon, alcohol.

Start it just before you go to bed, and finish it in the morning for the creamiest, most nutritious & delicious breakfast you can make in 5 minutes.

Like Irish Coffees, only better.  ‘Cause they’re Scottish.

Light as a cloud, shrimp-filled tortellini tossed with an authentic, rich and lemony Alfredo Sauce. Just like I imagine Avanti Restaurant makes in Phoenix.

Light, buttery scones rolled with cinnamon sugar.  Perfect for a sweet start to the day when paired with a cup of coffee, or a delicious afternoon snack alongside a soothing cup of tea.

Pungent, sweet, festively golden, and slightly addictive.  The perfect addition to any holiday potluck table or gift basket, especially alongside some ham, a wedge of strong cheese and a bottle of artisan ale.

Blanched sweet potatoes or yams, wrapped with thinly pounded bits of meat then smoked/dehydrated until leathery.  If they HAD made dog treats in the 18th Century, they would've looked something like this.

A delicious, welcoming wholemeal loaf made with organic, stone-ground, whole-wheat flour and oats -- just the way Jenny would have made hers. Start the pre-ferment the evening before you plan to make the bread.

A dense, but tasty and slightly nutty historical staple of the Scottish diet. Bannocks were originally made from barley or oat flour, as those grains are easier to grow than wheat in the harsh landscape of Scotland.

The next time I put some chicken or tuna into the smoker, I'll fill in the gaps with eggs.  It's an easy, flavourful, yet unusual way to bring the Fraser Clan to your table.

Sweet almond tart shells filled with a rich, savoury chestnut filling, inspired by Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. The perfect treat for brothel-born pickpockets and their friends.

An easy-to-make breakfast that is rib sticking, nutritious and full of fibre.  There's a reason the Scots have been starting their day with it for centuries.

Fragrant and savoury rolls inspired by Voyager from Outlander author Diana Gabaldon. Made by Madame Jeanne’s French cook to satisfy the clientele of her fine establishment.

Meat and vegetable-filled bridies, Scottish meat pies inspired by the Outlander book Drums of Autumn. Like a pasty, only Scottish.