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News of Outlander Kitchen is spreading.  People are starting to talk…here’s what they’ve (and I’ve) been saying!

If you see any other mentions of OK across the web or anywhere in the media, please send the link to outlanderkitchen(at)shaw(dot)ca.  Thank you!

What Others Have to Say:

Creating Your Own Pop Culture –

When Fandom Turns Profit –

Cooking Food from Fiction – Shaw TV Victoria (Video)

Radio Appearances:

Life Style with Patty Mack (CFAX Victoria, BC)  – February 2012

Life Style with Patty Mack – May 2012 (no link yet)


Outlander Kitchen’s Outdoor Pantry – Episode 1 – Nettles

Outlander Kitchen’s Outdoor Pantry – Episode 2 – Dandelions




  1. Marci

    I have just recently found your website and wanted to join in the fun with all the other Outlander fans (on my 2nd read-waiting for the next book).I just made my first try at Cherry Bounce, but it won’t be ready in time for Hogmanay this year but will be ready next year. It will be ready by June .


  2. Wendy chandler

    How can I buy an apron for a friend?


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